Masters Odds – Is it Jason’s Day or Will Spieth Repeat?

A few years ago, news that Tiger Woods will miss the Masters would’ve led to a ratings disaster for the PGA. But there will be no Tiger prowling the greens at the 80th edition, and the golf world couldn’t care less. The new era of golf is in full swing and this weekend, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy will all try to establish themselves as the game’s new frontrunner.

Spieth was the favorite to repeat at Augusta for much of last year after he ran away with the green jacket and placed no worse than fourth in any major. But after the hot streak Day had to close out 2015 and then open this season, he has eked past Spieth as the new favorite.

While it’s a huge field at Augusta with a ton of great stories to follow – like first-time participant and former Donald Trump employee Jim Herman – the focus will be on a select few. Be it McIlroy trying to bounce back from last year’s injury-plagued season or former multiple-time winners Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson trying to add yet another jacket to their closets, Sunday will have enough storylines to overcome the lack of any charging red shirts.

I guess you can tell, we’re amped up for golf’s major season to finally get under way. And the best way to expend that energy is to compile a big ol’ list of props, so that’s just what we did. Here’s SBD’s list of 2016 Masters odds.

2016 Masters Props

Odds to win the 2016 Masters:

  • Jason Day: 20/3
  • Jordan Spieth: 15/2
  • Rory McIlroy: 8/1
  • Bubba Watson: 13/1
  • Adam Scott: 15/1
  • Phil Mickelson: 17/1
  • Rickie Fowler: 17/1
  • Dustin Johnson: 17/1
  • Henrik Stenson: 25/1
  • Justin Rose: 25/1

Odds that either Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, or Jason Day will win 2016 Masters: 11/6

Over/under on the winning score at the 2016 Masters: 277.5 o/u

Odds on whether there will be a hole-in-one at the 2016 Masters: 8/3

Odds on who will finish highest at the 2016 Masters:

  • Jason Day: 9/4
  • Jordan Spieth: 5/2
  • Rory McIlroy: 7/2
  • Bubba Watson: 7/1
  • Adam Scott: 9/1

Odds that Phil Mickelson will make the cut at the 2016 Masters: 1/12

Odds that the 2016 Masters winner will be from the United States: 11/10

Odds that winner of Wednesday’s par 3 contest will also win 2016 Masters: 55/1

Over/under on the number of hole-in-one’s at Wednesday’s par 3 contest: 1.5

Odds that the 2016 Masters will the first major victory for the winner: 3/1

Over/under on the number of times Tiger Woods’ name will be mentioned during CBS’ coverage of the 2016 Masters: 9.5 o/u

Over/under on the number of Tiger Woods highlights that CBS will show during its coverage of the 2016 Masters: 5 o/u

Over/under on number of f-bombs that will be audible during CBS’ coverage of the 2016 Masters: 2.5 o/u

Odds on the primary shirt color for the 2016 Masters winner in the final round of the tournament:

  • White: 5/2
  • Blue: 3/1
  • Black: 4/1
  • Red: 7/1
  • Green: 9/1
  • Other: 13/1

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