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2019 MLB Season Specials: Most RBIs, HRs, SBs, Losses & More

Khris Davis Oakland A's
Khris Davis led the MLB in home runs in 2018. Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr)
  • Opening day in the MLB is March 28
  • A number of league wide Over/Unders have been released
  • Will there be a power surge in 2019? Or will speed dominate once again? Bet on home runs, stolen bases and more

With the start of the MLB season right around the corner, you should be set in terms of player and team props.

But what about ones that deal with the league as a whole?

If you feel like the home run will be making a comeback this year, you’re in luck. And if you believe that Nolan Arrenado will return leading baseball in RBI, there’s an O/U for you too.

And if you’re more into pitchers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our MLB season specials.

2019 MLB Season Specials

We’re going to split things up into two sections: hitting and pitching.

We’ll start off with the hitters, where you can fare pretty well if you’re expecting an upswing in offense.

O/U on Home Runs in 2019

Total Home Runs Odds
Over 48.5 home runs -115
Under 48.5 home runs -115

* Odds from March 16, 2019
When you think baseball, you think home runs. And if you love the long ball, the  you may think that the line for this is low.

But check out the numbers from 2018:

Top 5 MLB HR totals from 2018

Player Team Home Runs in 2018
Khris Davis OAK 48
JD Martinez BOS 43
Joey Gallo TEX 40
Jose Ramirez CLE 39
Mike Trout LAA 39

With a total set at 48.5, Oakland’s Khris Davis was the only one who got close. There are some very good seasons on that list, but none that hit the over.

Things sway the way of the under when you consider the last five seasons too.

MLB HR OVERS from the past five seasons

Season Player Home Runs
2017 Giancarlo Stanton 59
2017 Aaron Judge 52

Since 2014, Stanton and Judge are the only two to go over 48.5 in a single season.

The more you think about it, the more you realize how big of a number that actual is.

The Pick: Under 48.5 HR (-115)

O/U on RBI in 2019

Total RBI Odds
Over 129.5 RBI -115
Under 129.5 RBI -115

This is another number that seems power-dependent. Although you don’t have to lead the league in homers to have a healthy season RBI-wise.

Like the previous category however, the entire league finished shy of 2019’s projected line.

Top 5 MLB RBI totals in 2018

Player Team RBI in 2018
JD Martinez BOS 130
Khris Davis OAK 123
Javier Baez CHC 111
Nolan Arenado COL 110
Christian Yelich MIL 110

JD Martinez was a threat for the triple crown all of last year, and ended up tops in RBI. Between second and third there was a 22 RBI difference, putting just two players in the neighborhood of over.

There’s one name that could be good news here, however.

MLB RBI OVERS from the past five seasons

Season Player RBI
2018 JD Martinez 130
2017 Giancarlo Stanton 132
2017 Nolan Arenado 130
2016 Nolan Arenado 133
2015 Nolan Arenado 130

Nolan Arenado has been a force since entering the league, and after a ‘quiet’ 2019 he is a prime candidate to go over once again.

With Arenado on a good offense in Colorado, Bryce Harper in Philly, and a powerful duo with the Yanks, we like the over this season.

The Pick: Over 129.5 RBI (-115)

O/U on Stolen Bases in 2019

Total Stolen Bases Odds
Over 54.5 stolen bases -115
Under 54.5 stolen bases -115

One of the more thrilling categories, people love speed when it comes to baseball.

It may also be one of the easiest overs on the board too, even considering last year.

Top 5 MLB Stolen Base totals in 2018

Player Team SB in 2018
Whit Merrifield KC 45
Trea Turner WAS 43
Mallex Smith SEA 40
Jonathan Villar MIL/BAL 35
Jose Ramirez CLE 34

No one went over last year, but there are a couple of names to keep an eye out for from the top five.

Trea Turner is coming off of back-to-back 40 steal seasons, so his age-26 season could see him crack 50 hitting atop the Nationals’ lineup. Smith was a speed demon throughout the minors. We can see the Mariners cutting him loose.

But one name stands out the last five years.

MLB Stolen Base OVERS the past five seasons

Season Player SB
2017 Dee Gordon 60
2017 Billy Hamilton 59
2016 Jonathan Villar 62
2016 Billy Hamilton 58
2015 Dee Gordon 58
2015 Billy Hamilton 57
2014 Dee Gordon 64
2014 Jose Altuve 56
2014 Billy Hamilton 56

Billy Hamilton is the man when it comes to speed, but his batting average has held him back.

Apparently he’s found confidence in the batter’s box with the Royals. Even without it he’s a 55+ steal threat, so we’ll bank on Hamilton’s potential alone.

The Pick: Over 54.5 stolen bases (-115)

Let’s move on to pitching.

O/U on Wins and Losses in 2019

Total Wins Odds
Over 21.5 wins +100
Under 21.5 wins -130
Total Losses Odds
Over 17.5 losses -115
Under 17.5 losses -115

Both lines available are record-based. Which isn’t ideal, because the importance of bullpens and then new fad of ‘openers’ hurt both overs.

Check out last year’s numbers

Top 5 MLB Win totals in 2018

Player Team Wins in 2018
Blake Snell TB 21
Corey Kluber CLE 20
Luis Severino NYY 19
Max Scherzer WAS 18
Jon Lester CHC 18

Top 5 MLB Loss totals in 2018

Player Team Losses in 2018
Dylan Bundy BAL 16
James Shields CWS 16
Alex Cobb BAL 15
Andrew Cashner BAL 15
Tanner Roark WAS 15

In 2018, neither side hit their respective over.

Recent history doesn’t give us much confidence in these totals either.

MLB Win OVERS the past five seasons

Season Player Wins
2016 Rick Porcello 22
2015 Jake Arrieta 22

MLB Loss OVERS the past five seasons

Season Player Losses
2016 Chris Archer 19
2015 James Shields 19
2015 AJ Burnett 18

Pitcher totals have been going down, which makes the over almost unplayable.

The Pick: Under 21.5 Wins (-130); Under 17.5 losses (-115)

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