Bryan Thiel

Since he can remember, Bryan has loved sports, even though his earliest memory is a painful one: at four years old he was left crying at home while his dad spent a summer day down at the SkyDome watching the Blue Jays. A few years later, he’d get to his first game, watching Roy Halladay come within an out of a no-hitter, kicking off a lifelong love of baseball. Since that moment, he’s latched on to the Maple Leafs, Raptors and New England Patriots, because there’s only so much Toronto heartbreak one can take. He’s spent more than his fair share of time rink-side, in the booth, and out on the sidelines (usually in the rain) reporting on these sports at various levels throughout Ontario, and knows way too much about some of Canada’s more obscure leagues. Now it’s time to bring that knowledge to!


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