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Conor McGregor’s 5 Most Outrageous Moments

Don Aguero

by Don Aguero in Mixed Martial Arts News

Updated Apr 15, 2020 · 8:08 AM PDT

Conor McGregor
He talks the talk and walks the walk. McGreogor works the mic as well as he works the octagon. Photo by Andrius Petrucenia (flickr)
  • Conor McGregor makes his long-awaited return to the Octagon ast UFC 229 on October 6th
  • He’s the biggest star in MMA history and currently the hottest name in combat sports
  • Let’s take a look back at some of his most outrageous moments

It’s not even a contest. Conor McGregor is the biggest name in combat sports and the face of the UFC. He gets away with things that would get any other fighter cut from the promotion, and he’s able to negotiate fights completely on his terms. As he so succinctly put it: “The king does whatever the f— he wants.”

His success his due in equal parts to his talents inside and outside the cage. He’s an extraordinarily gifted fighter, but it’s his antics out of the octagon that has made him the star he is today. Here are five out his most outrageous moments.

5. The Diaz and McGregor Interview with CNBC

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This interview brought out the best of both Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, from Conor’s “Count to five, Nate, if you can” to Nate’s “What the f— is this, the Money Channel?” McGregor went back and forth with the interviewer, trashing Nate at every opportunity and even taking a dig at the CNBC host, while Nate clearly didn’t care for the interview and ended up leaving early.

It was McGregor at his trash talking finest, quick-witted and hilarious. It’s hardly McGregor’s most outrageous moment, but it’s so funny it has to at least make the list.

4. Snatching Aldo’s Belt at the UFC 194 Presser

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The lead-up to the McGregor vs Aldo fight was a drawn-out affair, which allowed McGregor to torment the then-champ for almost a year straight. He heckled him on the streets, he trashed him on television, and he ultimately got inside the reigning champ’s head.

The lead-up to the McGregor vs Aldo fight was a drawn-out affair, which allowed McGregor to torment the then-champ for almost a year straight.

The most ridiculous moment occurred at the presser, when Conor leaned past Dana White and snatched the featherweight belt off Aldo’s desk. As the champ struggled to get his belt back, McGregor lifted the strap above his head and the crowd roared. That could have been the final straw that broke Aldo.

3. Conor’s Entrance to the UFC 205 Presser

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After defeating Nate Diaz in an all-or-nothing rematch, McGregor was able to continue his quest to become a two-division champion. His next opponent was the lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor was so late to the pre-fight presser that Alvarez ended up leaving to go backstage. Conor arrived, dancing in a white fur coat, and yelled, “Sorry I’m late. I Just don’t give a F—!” He grabbed the belt from Eddie’s empty desk and placed it on his. Things really heated up when Alvarez returned and McGregor almost launched a chair at him from close range.

2. The Dolly Incident

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Now we’re really entering Crazy Town. McGregor had just made a couple hundred million dollars by fighting Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, capping off the biggest spectacle in combat sports history. He lost the fight, as expected, but he fought admirably and his stock only rose after the defeat. There were rumors that he was getting involved with the Irish mob and his behavior became erratic even by his standards.

There were rumors that McGregor was getting involved with the Irish mob and his behavior became erratic even by his standards.

All of it came to a boil at the press conference for UFC 223, where Khabib Nurmagomedov was expected to claim Conor’s vacated lightweight title. McGregor made his way backstage with a handful of goons to threaten Nurmagomedov. It ended with Conor launching a dolly through the fighter bus window, which injured Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg to the point that both fighters had to be withdrawn from the card.

1. The Aldo knockout

If you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. Up until the Aldo fight, there was a lot of speculation about whether McGregor was the real deal. Sure, he could talk up a storm and his resume contained some very impressive wins, but could he live up to the hype he had created for himself?

We got a definitive answer at UFC 194. After almost a year of trashing the Brazilian champion, McGregor finally came face-to-face with Jose Aldo in the octagon. He entered the cage as the challenger and the betting underdog, and many fight fans believed that the then-champ would put an abrupt end to the McGregor hype machine.

Instead, what happened only confirmed the McGregor mythos. Conor knocked Aldo out in just 13 seconds, landing the quickest knockout in UFC championship history. This was the moment allowed Conor McGregor to transcend MMA and become a global brand.

Can we count on even more outrageous moments at UFC 229 on October 6th?

UFC 229 Main Event Odds

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Khabib Nurmagomedov -155
Conor Mcgregor +125
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