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Sportsbook Releases Odds on Marcus Stroman vs Kyle Larson Fight – Mets Pitcher Listed as Heavy Favorite

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Mixed Martial Arts

Apr 16, 2020 · 1:49 PM PDT

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Is Marcus Stroman going to help the New York Mets become a contender in 2019? Photo by Keith Allison (Wikimedia Commons) se].
  • Stroman vs Larson could pit athletes from two different sports in an MMA fight
  • Who triumphs in a Nascar vs MLB bout in the UFC?
  • Check out the odds, the backstory to this unexpected fight, and my analysis below

Stroman vs Larson is a fight that bridges the gap between two distinctly different sports. MLB’s own Marcus Stroman wants to fight NASCAR’s Kyle Larson. The beef involves some heated drama that sent Stroman on a tangent. The understandably rattled baseball pro lambasted Larson for his transgressions on social media and wants to beat him up as a mess of comeuppance.

A chance to teach Larson a difficult lesson through the exchanging of fisticuffs, knees, kicks, etc. Usually, these kinds of crossover events are geared towards a boxing bout but this MMA fight challenge is a welcome breath of fresh air in the idiom of celebrity fights.

Stroman vs Larson Odds

Fighter Odds
Marcus Stroman -500
Kyle Larson +300

Odds taken Apr.16

This fight is being discussed as a result of Larson’s use of a racial slur. Larson was fired a couple of days ago as a result of uttering the N-word aloud. He used this racist epithet in a virtual race on Twitch. The disgraced driver tried to apologize on his social media but many were not having it. That includes a certain Mets pitcher. This evidently did not sit well with Stroman who said that Larson “needs his ass beat”.

Larson often donned the number 42 in racing much like influential baseball player Jackie Robinson wore the number 42 in baseball. Stroman described this coincidence as Larson disgracing the number that the influential black baseball player long wore so proudly.


Stroman wants to have earnings from this fight go to charity as well which I think is a nice touch. The odds are as lopsided as they are because of the widespread perception of NASCAR racers and here purported athletic aptitude. Having seen some social media banner about this fight, it seems like the widespread thought is that Stroman will have a marked athletic advantage over “a glorified uber driver” (this was someone on Twitter. Not me…).

Larson has yet to respond to this social media challenge from Stroman. The likelihood of this fight happening would be minimal during a more normative social climate. I can’t see Stroman or Larson getting on board with Dana White’s Fight Island concept amid rampant event cancellations from COVID-19.

Also based on the word choice, it would seem like this theoretical fight would happen several years down the line. The term “post-career” was expressly mentioned and both aren’t even 30 years old yet. Presumably, both men have several years ahead of them in their respective endeavors.

Stroman vs Larson Tale of the Tape


0-0 Record 0-0
0 Knockouts 0
5’7 Height 5’6
N/A Reach N/A
2019 MLB All-Star Significant Titles/ Distinctions 2019 Monster Energy
All-Star Race Winner
Orthodox Stance Orthodox

The idea of Stroman being the heavy favorite here is one I agree with. I think his brand of athleticism will lend itself much more favorably to cage combat than Larson’s. Ironically enough, Larson came out of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program. The Japanese racer may end up switching vehicles and taking an ambulance ride if this fight ever happens. That does remain a big if though and again, if it does happen, it will be several years down the line.

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