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Hunter Biden vs Donald Trump Jr – Odds Open On Celebrity Boxing Match

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Boxing

Updated Mar 26, 2020 · 8:40 AM PDT

Biden vs Trump Jr
Hunter Biden vs Donald Trump Jr in a celebrity Boxing match? When nepotism meets pugilism.
  • Biden vs Trump Jr is something that oddsmakers are contemplating these days
  • Why are there even odds out there in the world for this fight and what brought all of this on?
  • Check out the odds for this strange fight and my breakdown of the madness below

Hunter Biden vs Donald Trump Jr has to this point just been oriented to verbal warfare. Odds have been released about a possible prizefight between the two though. A celebrity boxing match to see who has the slicker understanding of the sweet science. Trump Jr has suggested the idea of a debate whereby each releases their tax returns to decide who has benefitted more from their father’s public office. With all of this back and forth talk about who the bigger grifter is, those do seem like fighting words.

Hunter Biden vs Donald Trump Jr Odds

Fighter Odds
Hunter Biden -140
Donald Trump Jr EVEN

Odds taken Mar. 12

If anyone is theorizing this matchup actually gets booked down the line, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.  We do live in strange times where seemingly anything can happen, but I don’t predict this fight getting booked. With tensions heating up as the 2020 race for the US presidency continues, Biden and Trump Jr have exchanged more than a few volleys. Biden has likened Trump Jr to the Buffoon Prince in Princess Bride. Trump Jr has accused Biden of conducting questionable international business deals while his father occupied a public political office.

When Nepotism Meets Pugilism

I theorize that part of why odds came out on this is a two-part thing. One reason is the advent of celebrity boxing and the popularity of the bizarre medium. Another reason is the negative feelings and general combativeness that exists between the two. These men have a level of profile that would make for assuredly the biggest celebrity boxing fight ever. Mostly because those that participate in this are generally fringe celebrities or people who had their notoriety years ago and are living off the nostalgia factor.

Donald Trump has a history of involvement in the combat sports community (huge UFC supporter during dark days for the promotion). Perhaps Junior has been cageside/ ringside for too many fights and theorizes he can get in there to throw hands.

Biden vs Trump Jr Tale of the Tape

Trump Jr
0-0 Record 0-0
0 Knockouts 0
6’0 Height 6’0
N/A Reach N/A
Burisma Board Member Titles / Achievements Writing “Triggered”
Orthodox Stance Orthodox


As evidenced above, Biden is the one who would be favored if a Trump Jr fight ever took place. I agree with this sentiment. Trump Jr wrote a book about how “the left thrives on hate” but I wager he’d be catching equal left and rights if he ever stepped into the confines of a boxing ring. It would be fun to see someone like Donald Trump Jr get beat up but I digress.

That being said, I would not look to allocate money towards this one. We do live in strange times but I don’t think they’re “Biden vs Trump Jr in a Boxing match” kind of strange times. At least as of this juncture.

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