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Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds & Picks for May 3

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Updated May 3, 2020 · 10:33 AM PDT

There's another full slate of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis matches on tap Sunday, and that means there's plenty of betting action as well.
  • There’s another full lineup of matches carded for Sunday in Moscow Liga Pro table tennis 
  • Where should you put your money? Which matches look like the best bet?
  • Examination and analysis of all the odds and top picks are featured in the story that follows

New York may be the city that never sleeps but Moscow Liga Pro table tennis is the sport that never sleeps.

They don’t even rest on the seventh day.

Another full slate of table tennis matches are on tap for Sunday in the Moscow Liga Pro. With over 90 matches every day, it’s a sports bettor’s dream come true in terms of non-stop action to be played.

In this barren, sports-absent landscape created by the COVID-19 outbreak, Russian table tennis is an oasis of opportunity. Sportsbooks have discovered Moscow Liga Pro is proving to be a money maker for them.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Player Moneyline Handicap Total Player Moneyline Handicap Total
Vasily Shirshov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Sergei Kuzmin -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Dmitrii Basmanov +225 +1.5 (+100) O 72.5 (-120) Andrey Sadkov -300 -1.5 (-138) U 72.5 (-120)
Vitaly Bazilevskii +175 +1.5 (-120) O 73.5 (-120) Victor Ivanov -250 -1.5 (-120) U 73.5 (-120)
Kirill Abramov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Vladimir Shirokov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Chencov +162 +1.5 (-138) O 74.5 (-120) Dmitry Merzlikin -225 -1.5 (+100) U 74.5 (-120)
Andrey Sadkov +120 +1.5 (-188) O 75.5 (-120) Sergei Kuzmin -163 -1.5 (+137) U 75.5 (-120)
Victor Ivanov -110 +1.5 (-225) O 75.5 (-120) Aleksei Yanshaev -125 -1.5 (+162) U 75.5 (-120)
Vasiliy Shirshov -120 +1.5 (-250) O 75.5 (-120) Dmitrii Basmanov -120 -1.5 (+175) U 75.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Chencov -125 -1.5 (+162) O 75.5 (-120) Kirill Abramov -110 +1.5 (-225) U 75.5 (-120)
Artem Artiunyan -350 -1.5 (+150) O 72.5 (-120) Vitaly Bazilevskii +250 +1.5 (+110) U 72.5 (-120)

Odds taken May 3rd.

Parlays and live in-play wagers are providing much of the handle on Moscow Liga Pro betting. In fact, it might even offer the ideal time to sign up with a new sportsbook that offers a risk-free first bet bonus and take a plunge on a parlay that could pay dividends.

Moscow Liga Pro Primer

For those not fluent in table tennis, here’s how it works. Matches are best three-out-of-five sets. Each game is won by the first player to reach 11 points. However, as in tennis, a game must be won by at least two points. Service changes hands every two points.

In Moscow Liga Pro competition, groups of players compete in mini tournaments. That’s how they’re able to keep the action rolling around the clock.

Let’s look at some of the best bets carded as part of Sunday’s afternoon and evening schedule.

The Art Of Beating Bazilevskii

Artem Artiunyan has been putting a serious paddling on Vitaly Bazilevskii of late.

Artiunyan has taken 12 successive matches from Bazilevskii. He’s gained a 13-3 edge over their last 16 sets.

They’ve faced each other across the net 26 times since April 4th.  Artiunyan holds a 22-4 advantage over that span of time. Six of those 22 wins were 3-0 sweeps. Another 10 decisions went 3-1 in Artiunyan’s favor.

Against all competition, Artiunyan is 10-3 in his last 13 matches.  Bazilevskii has win his last two matches but is 2-5 in his last 7 outings, 5-5 over his last 10 and 5-10 through his last 15.

Pick: Artem Artiunyan (-350).

It’s A Sadkov Situation

On the surface, Andrey Sadkov doesn’t look to be playing all that well. Overall, he’s 6-5 through his last 11 matches. But five of those six wins have come at the expense of Dmitrii Basmanov.

Sadkov is 5-1 in his last six meetings with Basmanov. He’s won their last four matches. Two of those wins were 3-1 verdicts, and another was a 3-0 sweep.

Sadkov has won nine of the last 11 times he and Basmanov have clashed.

On the other hand, Basmanov is 1-4 overall in his last five matches, a stretch that includes three losses to Sadkov. He’s 4-8 the last 12 times he’s taken the court.

Pick: Andrey Sadkov (-300)

Merzlikin Holds Advantage Over Struggling Chentsov

When Aleksandr Chencov faces Dmitry Merzlikin, he generally takes a licking. In their last 11 meetings, nine have gone Merzlikin’s way.

Merzlikin has won five of the last seven clashes between the two players. Overall, he’s 8-3 in his last 11 matches and an impressive 17-5 the last 22 times he’s faced someone across the net.

That latter stretch includes his 5-2 record against Chencov among the results. Chencov is a middling 8-7 over his last 15 matches. He’s 2-3 against Merzlikin during that span.

Pick: Dmitry Merzlikin (-225).

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