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2021 NBA Trade Deadline Odds – See Which Players Are Favored to Be Moved Before March 25th

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in NBA Basketball

Updated Mar 11, 2021 · 5:46 AM PST

Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 04: Toronto Raptors Guard Kyle Lowry (7) holding his form during warm-ups for the Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday November 4, 2018 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire.
  • The NBA Trade Deadline is March 25th, and you can bet on whether players will be traded or not
  • Kyle Lowry is one of the biggest names being floating around the rumour mill, but there’s plenty of reasons to believe he’s staying put
  • See below for Trade Deadline analysis, odds, and our favorite bets

The NBA Trade Deadline is two weeks away (March 25th) but it’s hard to imagine we’ll see a deal anywhere close to as big as the James Harden trade from back in January. In fact, since the Harden deal to Brooklyn, only two trades have been made around the league, with the most significant being Detroit sending former MVP Derrick Rose to New York for 2017 first round pick Dennis Smith Jr. and a 2021 second round selection.

The lack of recent movement is perhaps just the calm before the storm, as plenty of high profile names have been mentioned in trade rumors over the past few weeks. Thanks to our friends at various online sportsbooks, you can now bet on whether or not a player will be traded, and some of the names on this list may surprise you.

2021 NBA Trade Deadline Odds

Player Odds to Be Traded Odds Won’t Be Traded
PJ Tucker (HOU) EVEN -140
JJ Redick (NO) -120 -120
Victor Oladipo (HOU) +110 -150
Eric Gordon (HOU) +125 -165
Kyle Lowry (TOR) +150 -200
Andre Drummond (CLE) +175 -260
Lonzo Ball (NO) +175 -260
DeMar DeRozan (SA) +350 -600
Kevin Love (CLE) +350 -600
Zach LaVine (CHI) +500 -900
Kristaps Porzingis (DAL) +650 -1400
Bradley Beal (WAS) +700 -1600
CJ McCollum (POR) +750 -2000
Terry Rozier (CHA) +750 -2000
Ben Simmons (PHI) +1400 -10000

Odds as of March 10th.

Let’s face it, All-Stars Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine aren’t going anywhere, but the amount of money you’d have to lay on their no odds to turn just a tiny profit is hardly worth the opportunity cost.

Instead, we should focus our attention primarily on players who a) ideally have an expiring contract, and b) are on teams that are motivated to sell. Bonus points go to the players who can fill a gapping hole on a championship contender’s roster, or who can provide valuable minutes coming off the bench.

PJ Tucker Won’t Last Long

Houston’s PJ Tucker just happens to check all of those boxes. The 35-year-old power forward is on an expiring deal, can knock down open 3’s and is capable guarding four positions. The Rockets lost 13 straight games before the All-Star break, and all reports suggest a fire sale is imminent.

Tucker is cheap, at just $7.9 million per season, making him affordable for almost any serious contender with cap issues. The Bucks, Nets, Heat, Lakers, 76ers and Nuggets are all reportedly interested, and reports suggest Tucker would love to reunite with his former GM Daryl Morey in Philadelphia. Wherever he’s playing on March 26th, it won’t be in Houston.

  • Pick: PJ Tucker Will Be Traded (EVEN)

Oladipo on the Move Again

Sticking with the dumpster fire that is the Houston Rockets, another player they’re likely to trade away is Victor Oladipo. The former second overall pick in 2013 is an impending free agent, and has already turned down a contract extension from Houston.

Oladipo is averaging 20 points per game this season, split between Indiana and the Rockets, in his second season since major knee surgery. He’s drawing interest from various teams including Miami, New York, Golden State and both LA franchises, and the price tag may be reasonable since Houston isn’t going to want to let him walk away for nothing this summer.

A move to the Warriors would certainly make sense given their need for another ball handler and someone else who can create their own shot. Don’t count out the Heat or Knicks either, as they look to add valuable pieces for a playoff run.

  • Pick: Victor Oladipo Will Be Traded (+110)

Kyle Lowry Staying Put

Kyle Lowry isn’t going to be a Toronto Raptor forever. In fact, this season will almost certainly be his last for Toronto, Tampa Bay or whatever we’re supposed to call them these days. But don’t expect Masai Ujiri to trade away the franchise’s most popular player just because he’s on an expiring contract.

For one, the Raptors are very likely to make the playoffs, as only five teams in the East have shorter odds to crack the postseason. Since starting 2-8, the Raps have gone 15-11 and you’re only kidding yourself if you don’t believe the organization wants to give Lowry one more playoff run.

The 34-year-old is in the midst of one of his best statistical seasons ever, and according to him, he’s never once asked to be moved.

Even if the Raptors wanted to trade Lowry away, they’d likely seek his approval of the destination, and given that he’d be a rental, he’d likely only choose a team that is a legit NBA Championship contender. Teams that immediately pop to mind are the LA Lakers and Clippers, as well as the Philadelphia 76ers. But there’s a problem. Ujiri wouldn’t just give Lowry away, and both Los Angeles teams lack the kind of desirable young talent or future draft selections the Raptors would covet. Also working against a deal with those teams, is that they couldn’t possibly afford Lowry’s lofty contract given the amount of money they have tied up elsewhere.

A deal could potentially be worked out with Philadelphia, but do you really see the Raps trading away Lowry to a potential playoff opponent? Also, 76ers GM Daryl Morey has a checkered history with Lowry, previously trading him away from Houston, and then choosing not to pursue him years later in free agency.

  • Pick: Kyle Lowry Will Not Be Traded (-200)
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