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Dishin’ Dimes Episode 2: NBA Season Preview

Hosted by Ryan Murphy and Matt McEwan, Dishin’ Dimes is a weekly half-hour podcast for hardcore hoops heads that examines the biggest stories and trends from the Association. We pride ourselves on being quirkier than Jeremy Lin’s hairstyles, more informed than LeBron James’ inner circle, and more opinionated than Charles Barkley after a bottle of bourbon.

The 2017-18 NBA season is just a day away and we’re more excited than Michael Sweetney at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

For the past three months, we’ve watched in wonder as the NBA had its busiest and buzziest offseason in recent memory. We’ve seen the formation of two new super-teams in Houston in Oklahoma City; we’ve watched a sensational group of rookies strut their stuff in Vegas; and we’ve witnessed half of the league’s stars pack up their bags and head west. Hardly a day has gone by without a major new story or a scintillating trade rumor to discuss. In other words, it’s been our version of Heaven.

In our second episode of Dishin’ Dimes, Matt and I try to make sense of the Association’s hectic summer. We discuss the biggest surprises of the preseason, the NBA’s epic opening-night match-ups, and the best over/under win total values. We also share our bold predictions for the NBA’s postseason awards.

Give it a listen and see if you can keep track of the number of times Matt brings up the Raptors and the number of times I mention Rudy Gobert’s wingspan. Trust us, this episode has all the makings of a great podcast and an even better drinking game.

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Ryan Murphy began his love affair with sports journalism at the age of nine when he wrote his first article about his little league baseball team. He has since authored his own column for Fox Sports, and now serves as SBD’s resident NBA and MLB expert.