Dishin’ Dimes: Repicking the 2017 NBA All-Star Game

Here at Sports Betting Dime, we’ve always been into experimentation. No, not that kind of experimentation. Not that kind either.

We’re talking about the kind of wholesome boundary pushing that has led us to dive deeply into the worlds of digital publishing, social media, and video production. Now we’re taking another big, bold Thon Maker-sized step with our very first basketball podcast.

Hosted by Ryan Murphy (that’s me!) and Matt McEwan (that’s him!), Dishin’ Dimes is a weekly half hour podcast for hardcore hoops heads that examines the biggest stories and trends from the Association. We’ll also be serving up tasty odds and props to help you make informed betting decisions.

Dishin’ Dimes will not be another cookie-cutter podcast. It will be quirkier than Jeremy Lin’s hairstyles, more informed than LeBron James’ inner circle, and more opinionated than Charles Barkley after a bottle of bourbon.

In our inaugural episode, Matt and I discuss the NBA’s brand new All-Star Game format. We’ve known for a long time that the Eastern Conference is weaker than Woody Allen on a hunger strike, but the league actually acknowledged the competitive imbalance last week when they officially ditched their traditional East vs. West format to avoid a lopsided massacre.

John Wall and Kemba Walker go head to head. Photo by Geoff Livingston (Flickr) CC License

Under the revised format, two captains will draft the teams from a pool of 11 Eastern Conference players and 11 Western Conference players who have been voted in as starters and reserves. Unlike previous years, the teams will be constructed without regard for conference affiliation, so you can look forward to seeing Kemba Walker and Al Horford standing against a brick wall and awkwardly looking down at their feet while the captains leave them until the bitter end.

As an added twist, the 2018 All-Star teams will play for charity for the first time. It’s unclear which needy, desperate group they’ll select, but if they’re looking for ideas, we’d suggest the Chicago Bulls.

Matt and I share our first impressions of the new format and present our own ideas for improving gameplay. We then go down the rabbit hole by re-picking the 2017 All-Star Game using the 2018 format. See who we selected and let us know if you agree with our picks!

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Ryan Murphy began his love affair with sports journalism at the age of nine when he wrote his first article about his little league baseball team. He has since authored his own column for Fox Sports and has created campaigns for the WWE, the NHL, and the NFL. Ryan's critically acclaimed stories have also been published in 20 books and have been featured on more than 170 radio stations and 40 newspapers across North America.