Knicks’ 2020 NBA Championship Odds Remain at 15-1 Despite Durant Injury

Kevin Durant
Is Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors to sign with the New York Knicks? Photo by Cyrus Saataz (Wikimedia Commons) .
  • Kevin Durant missing most, if not all, of next season makes the Knicks’ chances of going after him in free agency much slimmer
  • Not signing Durant takes off one of the Knicks’ main targets this summer
  • The Knicks’ 2020 championship odds still remain at 15-1 despite the KD injury

Most of the Knicks’ fan base had more confidence than ever that Kevin Durant was going to be a Knick come this summer. It took one Achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals to change that belief.

With Durant expected to be sidelined for the majority of next season now, it would be a big risk for the Knicks to take to sign him to a max contract. For a team that is looking to start winning next season, they can’t sign a guy coming off a torn achilles, with injury problems in the past and who will essentially miss the first year of his contract. There’s just too many red flags there.

2020 NBA Championship Odds

Team 2020 NBA Championship Odds
Golden State Warriors +180
Milwaukee Bucks +450
Toronto Raptors +1000
Houston Rockets +1200
New York Knicks +1500
Boston Celtics +1800
Los Angeles Clippers +1800
Philadelphia 76ers +1800
Los Angeles Lakers +2000
Brooklyn Nets +2500

Odds taken 06/12/19.

15-1 Odds Way Too Generous for Knicks

At 15-1 odds, I would stay far, far away from picking the Knicks to win a championship in 2020. With KD off the board, that leaves some combo of Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis or Kemba Walker and Davis, Irving/Walker and Jimmy Butler, Irving Walker and Kawhi Leonard and so on.

All signs are pointing to the Knicks not becoming an overnight championship team.

For the Knicks to get Davis from the Pelicans, they would have to give up a ton of assets, including what will end up being RJ Barrett with the no. 3 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. All signs are pointing to the Knicks not becoming an overnight championship team. It’s going to take a year or two for that to materialize for them. The 15-1 number is not good enough to throw money on.

Show Brooklyn Some Love

The other team in New York might actually end up being the better bet at 25-1 odds after they traded Allen Crabbe to free up cap space. The Brooklyn Nets are easily the better bet at those odds to win the NBA championship in 2020.

Bet Brooklyn

With Crabbe’s contract off the books, the Nets have the potential of bringing in two max free agents. That is if they don’t end up keeping D’Angelo Russell, who is a restricted free agent. That is a difficult decision the Nets will have to make.

If they are able to lure Kyrie Irving to come to Brooklyn, it could make more sense to let Russell walk and take the risk of signing KD or sign someone like Tobias Harris. If the Nets can find a way to sign Irving and Leonard, the Nets are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

This was already a playoff team. There’s a strong chance they take that next step with a big splash.

Pick: Brooklyn Nets (+2500) 

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