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Lakers Go from 4-Point Favorites vs Clippers to 25-Point Underdogs in Sportsbook’s ‘Spread the Love’ Promotion

NBA's court at Disney
The NBA restarts its season July 30 with two games, including the LA Clippers vs LA Lakers. Photo from @JabariJYoung
  • FanDuel sportsbook is running a “Spread the Love” promotion for the Clippers vs Lakers game tonight (July 30)
  • The spread began the day at LA Lakers -4, but has been on the move all day
  • See how you can partake in FanDuel’s promotion here

The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers will tip-off at 9pm ET in the second game of the NBA’s restart. And as if that’s not exciting enough, FanDuel sportsbook is running a “Spread the Love” promotion that is as close to it gets as free money.

For every 2,500 bettors who wager on the Lakers to cover, the sportsbook will move the line one point in their favor. The Clippers vs Lakers line opened the day at LAL -4, but is currently available at LAL +25 (and counting) with this promotion.

Clippers vs Lakers Odds with “Spread the Love” Promotion

Team Spread on July 30 AM FanDuel’s Current “Spread the Love” Line
Los Angeles Clippers +4 (-110)
Los Angeles Lakers -4 (-110) +25 (-110)

Odds updated at 3:56 PM ET

Terms of Promotion

The sportsbook has not set any limit on how big the line can get, so expect it to keep growing leading up to tip-off. The best part of this promotion, though, is FanDuel is going to cover your bet at whatever the line closes at before the game starts.

This means if you bet the Lakers at +5 earlier today with the “Spread the Love” promotion, you’re actually going to get the +25 line that we’re at right now – and your line will continue to change as the Lakers continue getting more and more points. You are not locked into the spread you bet.

Of course, there are some conditions with this promotion. First, you do have to place your wager through the “Spread the Love” promotion at FanDuel. Simply betting on the game through their sportsbook is not enough. When you land on the Basketball page of FanDuel’s sportsbook, you’ll see the ad in the carousel. So just click there.

Second, you are unable to place a bet on the Clippers through this promotion. So don’t get your hopes up of being able to sprinkle a buck or two on LAC at an alternate spread of -40 at +15000 odds.

Finally, there is, of course, a max bet of $50 allowed with this promotion. FanDuel is happy to giveaway some free money to each of their bettors, but they’re not going to let you empty their bank on this one.

How Big Will the Spread Get?

The swing from -4 to +25 is a 29-point swing, meaning more than 72,500 people have bet the Lakers at FanDuel. It’s hard to say how many people will take advantage of this promotion, but we can look to the past to see how this promotion performed.

The sportsbook also ran this for the Colts vs Saints game in December of 2019. Indianapolis was +8.5 at other books, but closed at +51 with the promotion – a 42.5-point swing. But that line was moving one point for every 250 wagers. This means at least 10,625 users participated.

More recently, we saw this promotion in a February game between the Bucks and 76ers. Milwaukee was -8.5 in that game, but closed at +59.5, a 68-point swing. Again, it wasn’t taking 2,500 bets to move the line. This time it was 1,000 for it to shift one point, meaning 68,000 people participated.

With more states legalizing sports betting, and more people becoming interested in sports betting, I suspect we’re nowhere near where this line will close. If I had to guess, I’d say we’re going to end up somewhere around LAL +36.

How Much is FanDuel Going to Giveaway?

If no one else were to bet on the Lakers in this promotion, FanDuel would be paying out a little more than 72,500 people, assuming the Lakers don’t get blown out tonight.

At -110 odds, each of those people would receive an additional $45.45 from the sportsbook, assuming each person does bet the full $50 – why wouldn’t you?! This comes to a little more than $3,295,125 being paid out. If the line were to get to my LAL +36 estimate, FanDuel would be paying out roughly $4,090,500.

Enjoy your free money!

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