Odds Say Drake Won’t Touch Nick Nurse During Game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals

Drake courtside at Raptors Game
Drake has been one of the trending stories during the Eastern Conference Finals. Photo by @DrakeDirect_ (Twitter)
  • Raptors Ambassador Drake is the center of attention following his antics in Games 3 and 4
  • Toronto is looking to clinch an NBA Finals berth with a win in Game 6
  • How prominent will Drake be courtside as the Raptors try to close out the series?

Somehow, with an NBA Finals berth on the line Saturday night for the Toronto Raptors, a whole page of betting for Game 6 is centered around… Drake.

He was hard to miss in Games 3 and 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, a prominent fixture courtside, yukking it up and poking fun at Milwaukee players, most notably at Giannis Antetokounmpo, who struggled mightily at the free throw line.

From Giannis reps to Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer, the Raptors ambassador has clearly rubbed many the the wrong way. And among the fans at Jurassic Park for the pivotal Game 5 win, he seems like he’ll remain in peak form come the weekend.

So let’s run through some of these Drake-centered wagers for Game 6, and see if you can’t cash in.

Will Drake Touch Nick Nurse?

Will Drake Touch Nick Nurse During Broadcast? Odds
No -500
Yes +300

* All odds taken 05/24/19

It was the shoulder massage seen ’round the world. Nick Nurse claimed he was so locked in he didn’t even remember that incident.

The key here is that Drake doesn’t need to massage Nurse, he just needs to touch him. There’s gotta be some kind of interaction – they’re a few steps from each other. A high-five or a handshake is what I’m banking on.

Pick: Yes (+300)

How Many Free Throws Will Giannis Antetokounmpo Miss?

How Many Free Throws will Antetokounmpo Miss? Odds
Over 3.5 Free Throws -110
Under 3.5 Free Throws -110

The likely MVP of the league has, to put it kindly, an unreliable stroke, and that translates all the way to the charity stripe.

He’s already fired up two airballs at Scotiabank Arena, and Antetokounmpo is shooting just 56.6% for the series. He has missed at least four free throws in each of the last three games and at least three in every game of the series. Somehow, I see him turning it around in this do-or-die.

Under 3.5 Free Throws (-110)

Will Giannis and Drake Talk?

Will Antetokounmpo and Drake Speak During Game 6? Odds
No -700
Yes +400

So far this series, there’s only one dude doing the talking.

Giannis doesn’t talk much dirt, but when he does, it’s out loud, to no one in particular, and exceptionally vicious.

Other than that, Giannis is a pretty cool cat, and while he did look rattled at times over the course of two games in Toronto, it was from the concerted defensive effort from the Raptors, and not from anyone in the stands. This wager is for “during” Game 6, so there shouldn’t be much interaction between the two until after the game. If the Raptors do end up beating the Bucks, Drake will pay his respects. It’s all love, anyways.

Pick: No (-700)

Will TNT Mention Drake at Halftime?

Will the NBA on TNT Halftime Show Say “Drake”? Odds
No -500
Yes +300

It was a topic of discussion on TNT’s pregame show for Game 5, but the halftime show is a different beast altogether.

The first segment is highlights and a brief game analysis, and then for Kenny or Shaq to show pictures, and then they reel off some tweets and have a little fun in the end. After a commercial break, there’s another quick segment and they’re gone. There’s two chances to win this bet: if someone were to make a comment on Twitter pertaining to Aubrey, or if they show Drake in their first half highlight package. I’m banking on the latter.

Pick: Yes (+300)

Will the NBA Warn Drake Over His Antics?

Will the NBA Publicly Warn Drake About His Behavior? Odds
No -2500
Yes +1000

Unlike other sports leagues, the NBA is pretty good at understanding what their fanbase is all about. They don’t need to get involved, as the vibrant online basketball community knows how to handle that stuff. Bucks Twitter will get their Drake shots in.

And Milwaukee’s owner’s daughter can do her own bit of trolling – rocking a tee with the likeness of Drake rival Pusha T.

Careful though, Drake is a master of petty, and he wasn’t about to let that slide. What I’m saying is don’t expect the NBA to come in and tell their party guests to keep it down.

Pick: No (-2500)

Will Drake Be Removed From the Building?

Will Drake Be Removed By Security? Odds
No -2500
Yes +1000

Unless Drake takes a swing at a player, there’s no way that the biggest Toronto Raptors fan and the team’s global ambassador is being shown the door.

Other celebrities have been ousted from an NBA game, most notably Jimmy Buffet and Lil’ Wayne, but neither of them has helped create a lounge in the arena, or have their OVO brand plastered onto the team’s practice facility.

Pick: No (-2500)

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