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Russell Westbrook Season Props: New Rocket Projected to Average 22.5 PPG, Record Over 23 Triple-Doubles

Russell Westbrook Team USA
Alongside James Harden, can Russell Westbrook play more like his Team USA self? Photo from Wikimedia Commons
  • Is Westbrook willing to take a backseat to chase a ring?
  • How have Westbrook’s stats looked when playing alongside NBA Scoring Leader?
  • Will Rockets’ analytical approach limit Westbrook?

With the 2019-20 NBA season just a few days away, oddsmakers are getting pretty creative with their player props.

In released four over/unders for the newest Houston Rocket, Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook Triple-Doubles

Total Odds
Over 23.5 Triple-Doubles -120
Under 23.5 Triple-Doubles -120

*Odds taken 10/21/19

Westbrook currently holds the NBA’s record for most consecutive triple-doubles, having recorded 11 straight in the 2018-19 season.

In his 2016-17 MVP season, Russ averaged 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists on his way to setting another league record of 42 triple-doubles in a single season. The departure of longtime sidekick Kevin Durant allowed Russ to pad his stats, and it became clear that his teammates would often facilitate his efforts by feeding him the ball in wasted minutes to help keep his streaks alive.

Having been shipped to Houston, Russ now takes a backseat to NBA Scoring favorite James Harden.  The Rockets are a data-driven team that relies heavily on analytics when preparing, and while Houston’s front office will make sure this remains Harden’s team, Russ will still get his touches. Harden has run out of steam in the playoffs more than once, and the franchise will be keen to save his legs.

Pick: Over 23.5 Triple-Doubles

Russell Westbrook Points Per Game

Total Odds
Over 22.5 -120
Under 22.5 -120

*Odds taken 10/21/19

Westbrook has averaged 23 PPG over his career, and oddsmakers have set the bar just shy of that mark.

Westbrook now teams up with another NBA Scoring Leader, in James Harden, who just put on one of the most impressive shooting performances the league has ever seen.

China tweets aside, Rockets GM Daryl Morey is best known for his analytical approach to the game. This data-driven game plan has and will continue to cater to the highest percentage shot being taken. Simply from a shooting perspective, Harden is the man you want with the ball in his hands behind the line.

Houston simply has more options than OKC has in recent years, so expect Westbrook’s PPG line to fall short of the mark.

PICK: Under 22.5 Points Per Game

Russell Westbrook Assists Per Game

Total Odds
Over 8 APG -120
Under 8 APG -120

*Odds taken 10/21/19

The addition of another iso-minded player to Houston will force defenses to take Westbrook seriously when he has the ball in his hands. Russ has been known to take low percentage shots at will throughout his career, but we once again point to the analytically minded staff who will ask him to defer the ball in these situations.

Many felt that both Scott Brooks and Billy Donovan lacked the ability as coaches to limit Westbrook’s influence on the game, but Rockets’ head coach Mike D’Antoni will need to set the mood early and let Westbrook know that he is not the first option on this team.

His addition will help to spread the floor, which will create outlets for his teammates to get open looks, and we fully expect Russ to use them.

PICK: Over 8 Assists Per Game

Russell Westbrook Rebounds Per Game

Total Odds
Over 8 RPG -120
Under 8 RPG -120

*Odds taken 10/21/19

Make no mistake about it, his departure from OCK is all about his quest for a ring. The same can be said when breaking down the Rockets’ decision to bring him in.

Fans are still perplexed by Harden’s apparent lack of interest in the 2017-18 playoffs and Chris Paul’s hamstring injury could have not come at a worse time, given that the Rockets had the Warriors’ backs to the wall.

The Rockets know that the best ability is availability, and they would be wise to keep their offensive weapons out of the trenches in the paint. Westbrook is only 30 years old, but now that he has found his way onto a team that can outshoot anyone any night, look for him to remain impactful on defense, but ultimately let the big men battle for the boards on the inside.

PICK: Under 8 Rebounds Per Game

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