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Updated 2019-20 NBA Win Totals After All-Star Break – Bucks Listed at 67.5, Warriors at 20.5

Milwaukee Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks had the highest NBA win total at the beginning of the season, and continue to after the All-Star Break. Photo by @Bucks (Twitter).
  • See which NBA teams have the highest/lowest win total projection for the 2019-2020 season after the All-Star Break
  • The Bucks still have the highest win total, while the Warriors continue to have the lowest win total
  • Read below to find the best totals to target as we enter the home stretch of the NBA regular season

The halfway point of the NBA season was about a month ago, but the All-Star Break marks the unofficial start to the second half. Since the start of the 2019-2020 season, some teams have seen their NBA win totals drop dramatically, like the Golden State Warriors, or increase like the San Antonio Spurs.

2019-20 NBA Win Totals After All-Star Break

Team Win Total Over Odds Under Odds
Milwaukee Bucks 67.5 -110 -110
Los Angeles Lakers 61.5 -120 +100
Toronto Raptors 56.5 -120 +100
Boston Celtics 55.5 -110 -110
Denver Nuggets 55.5 -110 +110
Los Angeles Clippers 55.5 -110 -110
Miami Heat 53.5 -110 -110
Utah Jazz 53.5 -110 -110
Philadelphia 76ers 52.5 -120 +100
Houston Rockets 52.5 -110 -110
Dallas Mavericks 48.5 -110 -110
Indiana Pacers 48.5 -130 +110
Oklahoma City Thunder 46.5 -120 +110
Portland Trailblazers 38.5 -110 -110
Brooklyn Nets 38.5 -110 -110
Memphis Grizzles 38.5 -110 -110
New Orleans Pelicans 37.5 -110 -110
Orlando Magic 36.5 -120 +110
San Antonio Spurs 35.5 -110 -110
Sacramento Kings 33.5 -110 -110
Phoenix Suns 32.5 -120 +100
Washington Wizards 30.5 -110 -110
Chicago Bulls 28.5 -110 -110
Detroit Pistons 25.5 -130 +110
Atlanta Hawks 25.5 -110 -110
Charlotte Hornets 25.5 -130 +110
New York Knicks 24.4 -120 +100
Minnesota Timberwolves 24.4 -130 +110
Cleveland Cavaliers 21.5 -110 -110
Golden State Warriors 20.5 -120 +100

Odds taken February 17, 2020

Biggest Win Total Drop

It is no surprise here, but the Golden State Warriors have had the largest win total drop since the beginning of the season. Prior to the season starting, the Warriors hung out around the 48-49 win total mark. And going to the season, the team was already down a key player in Klay Thompson. But when Steph Curry went out in November with a hand injury, the team saw their win total drop to 20.5 games. Right now, the Warriors sit in 15th place in the West with a 12-43 record. They are -120 to hit the over on 20.5 games, and +100 to hit the under.

At the trade deadline, the Warriors traded D’Angelo Russell, Jacob Evans, and Omari Spellman to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Andrew Wiggins, a 2021 top-three protected first-round pick, and a 2021 second-round pick. The picks won’t help them this season, but the addition of Wiggins has added some scoring to the struggling team, and is arguably a positional upgrade from Russell.

Another team that has seen an unfortunate drop in win total is the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks currently sit in 14th place in the Eastern Conference with a 15-41 record. Going into the season, things were more hopeful then they are now, with the now All-Star Trae Young leading the backcourt, and averaging 19.1 points last season. The Hawks win total has dropped 9.5 games since the beginning of the season, with 25.5 win total right now. Their over/under is the same at -110.

Biggest Improvement

Does it count if the best team to start has had the biggest improvement? Well, the Milwaukee Bucks started the season with a win total of 57, and have somehow managed to improve that to 67.5. They are six full games in win total over the next best team, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bucks sit in first place in the East, and currently hold the best record in the NBA at 46-8, a blistering .852 winning percentage.

When Kawhi Leonard left the Toronto Raptors to play at home with the Los Angeles Clippers last summer, it seemed like everyone in the league cancelled out the Raptors. There was going to be no way they would be contenders throughout the season, let alone repeat as champions. The defending champions currently sit second in the East with a 40-15 record, the same position they were in this time last year, and have a 56.5 win total. To start the season, the team had a 47 win total, but has seen it continuously increase since.

Best Bets

The Denver Nuggets are currently 31-17, and sit second in the Western Conference, with a 55.5 win total. They have 27 games left, giving them an nine-loss cushion to hit the over. Over that span, they play the Clippers twice, OKC twice, the Raptors twice, and the Lakers and Bucks once. As of right now Michael Porter Jr and Will Barton are out, and didn’t play their last game against the Lakers. This could change, as the players have a few more days of rest. But the Nuggets’ schedule from now until the end of the regular season isn’t as easy as some others, making the under a bet to look at.

The Raptors are playing great basketball, but they have a tough schedule down the stretch, and are still battling some injuries. They sit at 40-15 with 27 games left. Their win total projection is 56.5, leaving them 10 losses left for the rest of the season to hit the over.

The rest of their season schedule includes playing the Bucks three more times, the Nuggets twice, and the 76ers, Celtics, Heat, and Lakers once more. They finished last year 58-24, and went on to win the championship. A 57-25 record to end the year is possible, but the injury battles aren’t helping. Keep an eye on Marc Gasol and Norman Powell, as they impacted the Raptors offence and defence tremendously. The under is a bet to watch here.

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