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Odds Now Favor Urban Meyer Remaining as an Analyst for FOX in 2020, Not Coaching

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by SBD Staff Writer in College Football

Updated Mar 25, 2020 · 12:44 PM PDT

Urban Meyer on the Ohio State sideline
Urban Meyer has been linked to basically every high-profile college opening, and more than one NFL job. Photo by Adam Glanzman (wikimedia commons).
  • Urban Meyer is in his first season as a TV analyst on Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff show”
  • Meyer resigned as head coach at Ohio State following last year’s Rose Bowl due to medical issues
  • Rumors abound that Meyer will return to coaching in 2020, however, the odds favor a return to Fox, not the sideline

As one of the most successful college football coaches of all time, Urban Meyer will always be in demand. For a program looking to build a contender, there are few with better resumes than the three-time national champion. His success in college has even garnered NFL interest.

Meyer walked away from an Ohio State program because of a cyst on his brain that causes frequent headaches. The extreme stress of coaching exacerbates the condition and its why Meyer is doing TV instead of calling plays.

Even so, the rumor mill loves linking Meyer to jobs at the college and the pro-level. As recently as three weeks ago, Meyer was the betting favorite to replace Jason Garrett as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the odds say he’ll still be sitting behind a desk with Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Brady Quinn when August 2020 rolls around.

Odds on Urban Meyer’s Job in 2020 Football Season

Job Odds
TV analyst at Fox -200
Coaching in NFL +200
Coaching in college +500
Something else +500

*Odds taken Dec. 12th.

Potential NFL Jobs for Meyer

Even though Meyer was linked to the Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, the situation in Dallas remains extremely volatile. There were reports that the only way Garrett could keep his job was to win the Super Bowl. While Jerry Jones, the team’s owner, may want a splashy coaching hire, Meyer’s style doesn’t fit. Jones needs to control the oxygen; coaches with big personalities don’t work in Dallas.

It’s also worth considering that Meyer was in the owner’s box at last weekend’s Washington Redskins game. However, I wouldn’t put too much weight on that. Meyer was reportedly a guest of Terry McLaurin, an Ohio State product who plays for the Redskins.

Potential College Jobs for Meyer

Meyer has only ever coached at the college level, but at this point, most of his potential suitors have settled their openings.

When Florida State fired Willie Taggart on November 3rd, Meyer was linked to the Seminoles’ opening. FSU is in the weak ACC and has a natural in-state recruiting advantage. However, financial limitations and a soon-to-be-retiring athletic director made this an impossible marriage. FSU hired Mike Norvell, the former Memphis head coach, to fill its opening on December 8th.

For the past two seasons, the USC coaching job was linked to myriad candidates even though the school insisted that Clay Helton was its man. While Helton has survived another season, back in September, Meyer was the favorite to be the Trojan’s head coach in 2020. In addition to the head coaching job, Meyer was also a candidate for USC athletic director.  The school ultimately hired Mike Bohn on November 6th.

Lastly, the chances of Meyer pulling a Bo Schembechler and jumping from Ohio State to Michigan? Non-existent.

Meyer staying with Fox is a safe bet. Besides, he’s already getting into feuds with competing analysts at ESPN …

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Pick: TV analyst (-200)

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