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After Close Loss to Chiefs, Lions’ Super Bowl Odds Actually Improve to +5000

Hans Themistode

by Hans Themistode in NFL Football

Updated Apr 8, 2020 · 12:40 PM PDT

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions fell just short in their Week 4 game with the Chiefs, losing 34-30. Photo By Mike Morbeck (Flickr) [CC License]
  • It may have been a loss on paper, but the Detroit Lions are getting a ton of respect for playing a close game with the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Week after week their odds are getting better and better
  • Should you jump all over these odds before they lose value?

Not all losses are made the same.

When the NFL calendar showed the Detroit Lions were slated to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4 at home, it was already a foregone conclusion that they would lose. Last year’s MVP, Patrick Mahomes was going to light them up and lead his team to a blowout win. That isn’t exactly how things played out.

The Chiefs went on to win but not without a serious fight.

The Lions led after the first quarter and managed to maintain that lead until the final seconds of the game. Of course the MVP would lead his team down the field to eventually win the game, but that’s besides the point. The Lions showed they are the real deal.

Super Bowl 54 Odds

Teams Odds
New England Patriots +333
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Dallas Cowboys +1100
Los Angeles Rams +1200
New Orleans Saints +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1200
Chicago Bears +1600
Green Bay Packers +1600
San Francisco 49ers +2000
Detroit Lions (#18) +5000

Odds as of 09/30/2019

It wasn’t just about the offense this past Sunday but more so how they looked defensively. Sure they managed to put up 30 points on the day but what team in the NFL hasn’t been able to torch the Chiefs on that side of the ball? Where they really stood out is how they effectively limited Mahomes.

The boxscore might tell you that Mahomes threw for 315 yards on the day but it wasn’t an efficient day for him as he only completed 24 of 42 passes. What was even more impressive was how the Lions managed to stop them time and time again in the red zone.

Coming into this ball game, Mahomes was on a streak of 14 consecutive games of throwing at least 2 touchdown passes, just one game short of setting an NFL record. The defense was stifling. Not even Bill Belichick has been able to limit Mahomes to that degree of success.

The Lions didn’t just impress their own fanbase with their performance, but they also impressed oddsmakers as their Super Bowl 54 odds have gotten better following the loss.

Coming into the season, the Lions were nothing more than an afterthought. Chances of them winning their own division were slim, let alone the Super Bowl. The odds on the Lions hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy have fluctuated all season long. Starting off the 2019 campaign the odds stood at roughly +10000.

Following a draw with the woeful Arizona Cardinals in their first game, things got even worse as they jumped to over +12000. With back-to-back victories their odds have managed to come down to +5667.

Now that the Lions have shown that they can hang with one of the best teams in the NFL, they have moved to a +5000 to win it all.

The Lions Struggle Mightily Defensively

Tempting isn’t it? With head coach Matt Patricia at the helm, he has placed this once woeful franchise in a more than respectable position. Quarterback Matt Stafford who has taken criticism for years now is playing some great ball. Through four games he has thrown for over 1,100 yards and nine touchdowns, but that isn’t shocking.

The talent for Stafford has always been there. Now, he is taking care of the football as he has only thrown two interceptions on the year to go along with a 62.4 completion percentage. In short, he’s been damn impressive.

With that being said however, let’s slow down the hype surrounding this team. The Lions look pretty good right now and the odds look even better but you are sorely mistaken if you believe that the Lions will capture a Super Bowl this year.

Take a look at their defense. They rank 25th in the league in passing yards given up per game with 280.8. In terms of stopping the run, they fair no better as they check in at 22nd giving up an average of 124.8 on the ground per game.

Your Best Bet

Forget about the Lions winning the Super Bowl, they are going to have a hard time winning their own division. With the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings all having solid starts to the year, it isn’t a stretch to say that the Lions are the worst team in the NFC North.

Look, the Lions are a good football team. Matt Stafford is underrated and Matt Patricia comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree, but still, the Lions have no chance at winning the Super Bowl. Don’t even waste your time, or money.

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