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Super Bowl 56 Odds Tracker

Updated: November 30, 2021

Super Bowl 56 Odds for Top Contenders


Super Bowl 56 Odds for Top Contenders


Top Contenders

    Super Bowl Odds Movement

    • (2021-10-16): The Buffalo Bills have taken over as the favorites to win the Super Bowl.
    • (2021-09-21): For the first time this season, the Chiefs are not favored to win the Super Bowl. KC lost to the Ravens in Week 2.
    • (2021-09-13): Jameis Winston and the Saints demolished the Packers in Week 1.
    • (2021-08-31): The Patriots' Super Bowl odds barely moved after releasing Cam Newton, making rookie Mac Jones their starting QB.
    • (2021-07-26): Green Bay's Super Bowl odds saw a major boost thanks to Aaron Rodgers announcing he will play for the Packers in 2021.

    We are tracking the Super Bowl 56 odds for all 32 teams in the NFL all season long, from the moment they become available. The graph above is generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources and will be updated after each week.


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    You can see the latest Super Bowl 56 odds above, and track how all 32 teams’ odds have changed throughout the course of the 2021 NFL season.

    Super Bowl Odds

    Team Odds
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500
    Kansas City Chiefs +700
    Buffalo Bills +750
    Green Bay Packers +750
    Arizona Cardinals +800
    New England Patriots +1000
    Dallas Cowboys +1000
    Los Angeles Rams +1200
    Baltimore Ravens +1200
    Tennessee Titans +2800
    Los Angeles Chargers +2800
    Cincinnati Bengals +2800
    San Francisco 49ers +4000
    Cleveland Browns +5000
    Indianapolis Colts +5000
    Minnesota Vikings +6000
    Denver Broncos +9000
    Philadelphia Eagles +10000
    Las Vegas Raiders +10000
    New Orleans Saints +10000
    Pittsburgh Steelers +15000
    Washington Football Team +20000
    Miami Dolphins +40000
    Seattle Seahawks +50000
    Carolina Panthers +50000
    New York Giants +50000
    Chicago Bears +50000
    Atlanta Falcons +50000
    Jacksonville Jaguars +100000
    Detroit Lions +100000
    Houston Texans +100000
    New York Jets +100000

    *Odds updated November 30

    Here are some more notes on the movement of the top contenders for Super Bowl 56:

    • [November 28] The Patriots are now among the top six contenders in odds to win the Super Bowl after recording their sixth straight win in Week 12. New England’s Super Bowl odds improved from +1400 to +1000 after beating up on the Titans. The Rams saw their Super Bowl odds fade slightly after losing in Green Bay.
    • [November 25] The Bills bounced back in on Thanksgiving Day of Week 12, hammering the Saints 31-6. As a result, Buffalo’s Super Bowl odds improved back to +650, seeing them leap the Chiefs for second-best odds. Although the Cowboys lost to the Raiders, their odds to win the Super Bowl only faded to +1100.
    • [November 21] After the Bills were dominated by the Colts in Week 11, they are no longer the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay, who beat the Giants on Monday night, once again has the best odds to win Super Bowl 56. The Titans also saw their Super Bowl odds fade after being upset by the Texans. Kansas City, on the other hand, is back among the top four contenders after a convincing win over the Cowboys.
    • [November 14] The Bucs and Bills flip-flopped again at the top. Tampa Bay faded as far as +650 after an upset loss at Washington. The Bills are at +600 after destroying the Jets.
    • [November 7] The Buccaneers, who were enjoying their bye in Week 9, became the Super Bowl favorites again after an upset-filled Sunday. The Bills lost to the Jaguars, allowing the Bucs to take over as the favorites. Buffalo’s Super Bowl odds didn’t fade much, though, as they’re still as short as +550. The Saints, Bengals, Cowboys, and Rams all saw their odds to win the Super Bowl suffer after being upset in Week 9 as well.
    • [November 2] The Rams’ Super Bowl odds improved to +650 after acquiring Von Miller from the Broncos ahead of the NFL trade deadline. Tennessee’s odds faded to as long as +2200 after learning Derrick Henry will be out for 6-10 weeks with a foot injury.
    • [October 31] Just as the Bengals were starting to build some momentum and saw their Super Bowl odds nearing contender status, Cincinnati goes and loses to the Jets in Week 8. The loss sends their Super Bowl odds back to +5000. The Cowboys’ Super Bowl odds have reached a new best this season, thanks to Cooper Rush leading them to a win over the Vikings on SNF. Tampa Bay’s odds to win the Super Bowl only worsened a little after being upset by the Saints.
    • [October 29] The Packers handed the Cardinals their first loss of the season on Thursday Night Football of Week 8. Arizona’s Super Bowl odds went from +900 to +1200, falling out of the top four contenders. Green Bay’s Super Bowl odds improved from +1200 to +900, making them a top four contender.
    • [October 25] The Chiefs entered Week 7 as a top three contender, but after being blown out by the Titans, they see their Super Bowl odds fade to +1400, tied for seventh-best. Cincinnati’s big win over the Ravens sees their odds to win the Super Bowl improve from as long as +10000 to +3500
    • [October 18] Even after losing to the Titans on Monday Night Football of Week 6, some sportsbooks still list the Bills as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56. Other sportsbooks are now giving Tampa Bay the best odds to win the Super Bowl.
    • [October 17] For the first time this season, the Buffalo Bills are listed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Cardinals’ Super Bowl odds are still listed at +1100, the sixth-best in the league, despite extending their perfect start to 6-0 with a win in Cleveland in Week 6.
    • [October 11] The Buccaneers have taken over as the favorites to win the Super Bowl after dismantling the Dolphins in Week 5. Kansas City’s Super Bowl odds have faded to +750 after losing to the Bills on Sunday Night Football. Buffalo now has the best odds to win the Super Bowl among AFC teams. Seattle’s Super Bowl odds have plummeted with Russell Wilson expected to miss some time after injuring his finger.
    • [October 3] The Chiefs are back to being the Super Bowl favorites after an offensive explosion against the Eagles in Week 4. The Cardinals have seen their Super Bowl odds improve to +1700 after upsetting the Rams in LA.
    • [September 26] For the first time this season, the Chiefs are not the favorites to win the Super Bowl across the board. Some sportsbooks have moved the Buccaneers, despite losing their own game as well, to the favorite after Kansas City lost their second straight game in Week 3, falling to 1-2.
    • [September 20] The Chiefs lost to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football of Week 2. But sportsbooks have yet to move Kansas City’s odds after the loss, so the Chiefs are still the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Ravens saw their Super Bowl odds improve to +1400 after the win. Miami saw the biggest immediate movement after Sunday of Week 2. The Dolphins’ odds to win the Super Bowl went from +3200 to +4400 after being shutout by the Bills, where Tua Tagovailoa left the game early with a rib injury.
    • [September 18] Baltimore’s Super Bowl odds took a little longer to move after they were upset by the Raiders in Week 1. The Ravens Super Bowl odds just worsened now from +1500 to +1800.
    • [September 12] In spite of getting routed by the Saints in Week 1, the Packers’ Super Bowl odds have not moved at all yet. The Bills saw their odds dip from +1000 to +1300 after being upset by the Steelers. The Saints and Steelers both saw their odds improve after pulling off impressive upsets.
    • [September 9] The Kansas City Chiefs will open the 2021 NFL season as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56. Tom Brady’s Buccaneers are also given very short odds ahead of their season-opener against the Cowboys.
    • [August 31] The Patriots’ Super Bowl odds are unchanged after releasing Cam Newton and opting to start rookie Mac Jones under center
    • [August 17] Indianapolis’ Super Bowl odds continue to fade as their quarterback Carson Wentz remains sidelined and his Week 1 status is up in the air. After an awful performance in Week 1 of the preseason, albeit from mostly their backups, the Vikings have seen their odds to win the Super Bowl plummet from +2800 to +5000. The movement is more likely the result of Aaron Rodgers preparing to start for the Packers this season.
    • [July 26] With news breaking of Aaron Rodgers’ intentions to now play for the Packers this season, Green Bay’s Super Bowl odds have instantly improved to +1400, tied for the fourth-best odds on the board.
    • [July 24] The Packers’ Super Bowl odds have plummeted to as long as +2800 at some sportsbooks, with Aaron Rodgers continuing to stand firm on not wanting to play for Green Bay anymore. As a result, Minnesota’s odds to win the Super Bowl have improved to +2800 with the Packers weakening. The Broncos’ odds have also continued to steadily worsen, as it appears the team will go into the season with Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater as their starting quarterback, seemingly opting to pass on trading for Rodgers.
    • [June 7] The Tennessee Titans’ Super Bowl odds are now as short as +2500 at some sportsbooks after acquiring Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons. Jones joins AJ Brown and Derrick Henry to create a very talented group of skill players for Ryan Tannehill to target.
    • [May 3] After the 2021 NFL Draft, the Ravens fell out of the top five Super Bowl contenders; the Packers odds have fallen to +2000 with Aaron Rodgers reportedly very unhappy with the team.
    • [April 29] After rumors surfaced of the Broncos being set to acquire Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, Denver’s Super Bowl odds improved from +6000 to +2000 almost instantly, and have continued to shorten to +1600 now. However, no deal has been announced, and Denver used the ninth-overall pick on Patrick Surtain II. Multiple insiders have said no deal is in the works. Chicago also saw their Super Bowl odds shorten a little, moving from +6000 to +5000 after trading up from 20 to 11 to take Justin Fields.
    • [April 23] The Chiefs have not seen any immediate movement to their Super Bowl 56 odds after acquiring offensive tackle Orlando Brown from the Baltimore Ravens. The move is a big one for Kansas City, whose starters at tackle prior to the trade were Martinas Rankin and Mike Remmers. The Chiefs gave up their first-round (31st overall), third-round (94th), and fourth-round picks from the 2021 NFL Draft, along with a fifth-round pick from 2022. They also got back a second-round (58th) pick in 2021 and a sixth from 2022.
    • [March 17] After the Bears failed to acquire Russell Wilson from Seattle, their Super Bowl odds took a hit when they settled for Andy Dalton in free agency. New England’s Super Bowl odds have improved after going wild in free agency, signing Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, Matthew Judon, and Nelson Agholor among others.
    • [March 16] The Chiefs, who were already the favorites, saw their Super Bowl odds improve after signing free agent lineman Joe Thuney. The Saints odds have worsened a bit after Drew Brees officially announced his retirement from the NFL. Chicago’s Super Bowl odds have also improved with rumors swirling of the Bears being in the mix to acquire Russell Wilson from the Seahawks. Finally, Washington has also seen their odds improve after signing Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    • [February 18] The Colts have acquired QB Carson Wentz from the Eagles to replace Philip Rivers, who retired after last season. Indianapolis’ Super Bowl 56 odds were as long as +2900 before the trade, and are now as short as +2000 at some sportsbooks.
    • [February 7] After the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs 31-9 in Super Bowl 55, Tampa Bay’s odds improved from +1100 to +900. The Bucs are either tied for the second-best odds or have the second-best Super Bowl odds, depending which sportsbook you look to. Kansas City remains the heavy favorites to win Super Bowl 56, as their odds still sit between +500 and +550.
    • [January 30] After the Rams traded for Matthew Stafford, their Super Bowl 56 odds improved from +2000 to +1100, tying them for the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl.
    • [January 24, 2021] The Kansas City Chiefs have opened as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56 in the early odds. Green Bay has the second-best odds at +900, and the Jaguars have the worst odds at +10000.

    Unfortunately, Jets and Giants fans will have to wait a little longer as New York online sports betting isn’t expected to launch until likely 2022. Saints fans are in the same boat as Louisiana which will not launch prior to kickoff. They at least have a chance to get in on the action should Jameis Winston lead New Orleans to the playoffs.

    Looking for the latest NFL odds? – Get current spreads, totals, and moneyline odds for all upcoming games this week here.

    Super Bowl Trends

    Here are some Super Bowl trends to consider before placing any wagers:

    • The AFC has won five of the last seven Super Bowls
    • The Patriots, Broncos, or Chiefs have represented the AFC in each of the last eight Super Bowls
    • The New England Patriots have represented the AFC in four of the last seven Super Bowls, winning three of them
    • The AFC’s top seed has advanced to the Super Bowl in six of the last eight seasons; the no. 2 seed has advanced in two of the last three seasons
    • In 15 of the last 18 Super Bowls, the starting quarterback for the AFC has been either Tom Brady (8), Peyton Manning (4), or Ben Roethlisberger (3) – Joe Flacco and Patrick Mahomes were the starters in the other three
    • The Seattle Seahawks are the only NFC team to appear in back-to-back Super Bowls (Super Bowls 48 & 49) since the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowls 31 & 32
    • The NFC North has not represented the NFC in the Super Bowl since SB 45 (Green Bay)
    • Five of the last eight NFC teams to play in the Super Bowl were the top seed in the conference – Atlanta in Super Bowl 51, Los Angeles in Super Bowl 53, and Tampa Bay in Super Bowl 55 were not
    • The NFC West has sent a team to the Super Bowl in five of the last nine years

    Past Super Bowl Winners

    Super Bowl Winner Loser Final Score
    55 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas City Chiefs 31-9
    54 Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers 31-20
    53 New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams 13-3
    52 Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots 41-33
    51 New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons 34-28
    50 Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10
    49 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24
    48 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8
    47 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31
    46 New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17

    The Kansas City Chiefs, who have opened as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56, have played in each of the last two Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl 54 over the 49ers, but losing Super Bowl 55 to the Buccaneers.

    Super Bowl Championships and Appearances Per Team

    Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
    New England Patriots 6 11 Super Bowl 53 Super Bowl 53
    Pittsburgh Steelers 6 8 Super Bowl 43 Super Bowl 45
    Dallas Cowboys 5 8 Super Bowl 30 Super Bowl 30
    San Francisco 49ers 5 7 Super Bowl 29 Super Bowl 54
    Green Bay Packers 4 5 Super Bowl 45 Super Bowl 41
    New York Giants 4 5 Super Bowl 46 Super Bowl 46
    Denver Broncos 3 8 Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl 50
    Washington 3 5 Super Bowl 26 Super Bowl 26
    Las Vegas Raiders 3 5 Super Bowl 18 Super Bowl 37
    Miami Dolphins 2 5 Super Bowl 8 Super Bowl 19
    Indianapolis Colts 2 4 Super Bowl 41 Super Bowl 44
    Kansas City Chiefs 2 4 Super Bowl 54 Super Bowl 55
    Baltimore Ravens 2 2 Super Bowl 42 Super Bowl 42
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 2 Super Bowl 55 Super Bowl 55
    Los Angeles Rams 1 4 Super Bowl 34 Super Bowl 53
    Seattle Seahawks 1 3 Super Bowl 48 Super Bowl 49
    Philadelphia Eagles 1 3 Super Bowl 52 Super Bowl 52
    Chicago Bears 1 2 Super Bowl 20 Super Bowl 46
    New York Jets 1 1 Super Bowl 3 Super Bowl 3
    New Orleans Saints 1 1 Super Bowl 44 Super Bowl 44
    Buffalo Bills 0 4 N/A Super Bowl 28
    Minnesota Vikings 0 4 N/A Super Bowl 11
    Atlanta Falcons 0 2 N/A Super Bowl 51
    Carolina Panthers 0 2 N/A Super Bowl 50
    Cincinnati Bengals 0 2 N/A Super Bowl 23
    Arizona Cardinals 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 43
    Los Angeles Chargers 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 29
    Tennessee Titans 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 34
    Cleveland Browns 0 0 N/A N/A
    Detroit Lions 0 0 N/A N/A
    Houston Texans 0 0 N/A N/A
    Jacksonville Jaguars 0 0 N/A N/A

    Here are some fun Super Bowl facts:

    • Only one team in the AFC South has ever won a Super Bowl: the Indianapolis Colts. All seven other divisions have at least two Super Bowl-winning teams.
    • Since moving back to Oakland (from Los Angeles) in 1995, the franchise has not won a Super Bowl and has only made the playoffs four times in those 25 years. The move to Las Vegas has not changed their luck.
    • The NFC East is the only division where every team has won a Super Bowl.
    • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team to win a home Super Bowl. Tom Brady led the Bucs to a victory in Super Bowl 56, which was played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.
    • The Buffalo Bills were the last non-Patriots AFC East team to play in a Super Bowl, dating back to the 1993 season (Super Bowl 28) when they lost in their fourth consecutive appearance.

    Teams Without a Super Bowl

    Team Years in Super Bowl era NFL Super Bowl Appearances Closest They’ve Come
    Arizona Cardinals 54 1 Lost 27-23 to PIT in Super Bowl 43
    Atlanta Falcons 54 2 Lost 34-28 in OT to NE in Super Bowl 51
    Buffalo Bills 54 4 Missed Game-Winning FG to lose 20-19 to NYG in Super Bowl 25
    Carolina Panthers 25 2 Lost 32-29 to NE in Super Bowl 38 on a last-second FG
    Cincinnati Bengals 52 2 Lost 20-16 to SF in Super Bowl 23
    Cleveland Browns 54 0 Lost 23-20 in 1986 AFC Champ to DEN – “The Drive”
    Detroit Lions 54 0 Lost 41-10 in their only NFC Champ game
    Houston Texans 18 0 Lost 20-13 to BAL in 2011 AFC Divisional Round
    Jacksonville Jaguars 25 0 Lost 24-20 to NE in 2017 AFC Champ game
    Los Angeles Chargers 54 1 Lost 49-26 to SF in Super Bowl 29
    Minnesota Vikings 54 4 Lost 16-6 to PIT in Super Bowl 9
    Tennessee Titans 54 1 Lost 23-16 to STL in Super Bowl 34

    The Bills, Browns, and Titans all made the playoffs last season, but all fell short. Buffalo did make it to the AFC Championship before being sent home.

    Archived Super Bowl Odds: 55, 54, 53, 52

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