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SBD's Super Bowl 53 Odds Tracker Preview

  • See how online sports betting sites feel about all 32 teams’ Super Bowl 53 chances
  • Isolate each team or compare them to others trending in the same direction
  • Find great betting trends and useful stats for each team

With a league chock-full of parity and each team only playing 16 games during the NFL’s regular season, one free agent/draft pick or win/loss can dramatically impact a team’s Super Bowl odds. If you want a visual depiction of that impact, you’ve come to the right place.

We are tracking the Super Bowl 53 odds for all 32 teams in the NFL all season long, from the moment they become available. The graphs below are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources and will be updated after each week.

Top Super Bowl Contenders

Bovada’s Super Bowl 53 Odds

Team 2018 Record Odds to win Super Bowl 53 at Bovada (01/14/19)
New Orleans Saints 14-2 +175
Kansas City Chiefs 12-4 +275
New England Patriots 11-5 +333
Los Angeles Rams 13-3 +350

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Here are some more notes on the movement of the top contenders for Super Bowl 53:

  • [12/31/18] The Saints enter the NFL Playoffs with the best odds to win the Super Bowl; the Eagles have the worst
  • [12/11/18] A Rams loss to the Bears on MNF of Week 14 has resulted in the Saints being favored again
  • [12/4/18] After a Saints loss to the Cowboys on TNF in Week 13, the Rams are again Super Bowl favorites
  • [11/20/18] The New Orleans Saints have claimed the title of Super Bowl favorites
  • [11/13/18] The Patriots are not among the top three contenders for the first time this year
  • [11/06/18] The Rams remain Super Bowl favorites even after losing to the New Orleans Saints in Week 9
  • [09/18/18] For the first time this year, the Patriots are not Super Bowl 53 favorites; the Rams have now taken that title
  • [02/05/18] Yet again, the Patriots opened the season as Super Bowl favorites. Their +475 average odds to win Super Bowl 53 are even shorter than what they opened at last year to win Super Bowl 52 (+525 average odds)

Fletcher Cox and the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl 53 odds

Top AFC Super Bowl Contenders

Since the Patriots defeated the Chiefs, 43-40, on Sunday Night Football of Week 6, New England has remained the favorite among AFC teams to win Super Bowl 53.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' Super Bowl 53 odds

Here are some AFC specific Super Bowl trends to consider:

  • The AFC has won four of the last six Super Bowls
  • The Patriots or Broncos have represented the AFC in each of the last five Super Bowls
  • The AFC’s top seed has advanced to the Super Bowl each of the last five years – the Ravens were the last non-one-seed
  • In the last 15 Super Bowls, the starting quarterback for the AFC has been either Tom Brady (7), Peyton Manning (4), Ben Roethlisberger (3), or Joe Flacco (1)


AFC East

The New England Patriots have now represented the AFC in three of the last four Super Bowls, winning two of them. The Buffalo Bills were the last non-Patriots AFC East team to play in a Super Bowl, dating back to the 1993 season (Super Bowl 28) when they lost in their fourth consecutive appearance.

Don’t expect any of the Bills, New York Jets, or Miami Dolphins to change that this season. They’ve made their intentions clear: they don’t want to compete against Brady anymore, opting to rebuild for his retirement.

AFC East Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
New England Patriots 5 10 Super Bowl 51 Super Bowl 52
Miami Dolphins 2 5 Super Bowl 8 Super Bowl 19
New York Jets 1 1 Super Bowl 3 Super Bowl 3
Buffalo Bills 0 4 N/A Super Bowl 28

AFC North

Betting sites strongly believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will claim their third straight AFC North title. The most interesting story in the division, though, was the heightened expectations of the Cleveland Browns entering the season.

The Browns did not have the longest odds to win the Super Bowl in the division to open the season, as that honor went to the Cincinnati Bengals. It didn’t take long for things to change back to normal, though.

AFC North Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 8 Super Bowl 43 Super Bowl 45
Baltimore Ravens 2 2 Super Bowl 42 Super Bowl 42
Cincinnati Bengals 0 0 N/A Super Bowl 23
Cleveland Browns 0 0 N/A N/A

AFC South

Only one team in the AFC South has ever won a Super Bowl: the Indianapolis Colts.

All seven other divisions have at least two Super Bowl-winning teams. But both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans appear to be taking the proper steps towards changing that.

AFC South Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
Indianapolis Colts 2 4 Super Bowl 41 Super Bowl 44
Tennessee Titans 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 34
Houston Texans 0 0 N/A N/A
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 0 N/A N/A

AFC West

Of the eight divisions, the AFC West was expected to be the most competitive in 2018. But a red hot Kansas City Chiefs team and some awful performances from the Raiders and Broncos has certainly changed that.

One interesting note on the Raiders: since moving back to Oakland (from Los Angeles) in 1995, the franchise has not won a Super Bowl and has only made the playoffs four times in those 23 years.

AFC West Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
Denver Broncos 3 8 Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl 50
Oakland Raiders 3 5 Super Bowl 18 Super Bowl 37
Kansas City Chiefs 1 2 SUper Bowl 4 Super Bowl 4
Los Angeles Chargers 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 29

Top NFC Super Bowl Contenders

The NFC race looks very interesting after the Los Angeles Rams suffered their first loss of the season in New Orleans. The Saints have pulled awfully close to the Rams, while the Vikings, Panthers, and Eagles are all threats.

Here are some NFC-specific trends to consider before betting:

  • The Seattle Seahawks are the only NFC team to appear in back-to-back Super Bowls (Super Bowls 48 & 49) since the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowls 31 & 32
  • The NFC North has not represented the NFC in the Super Bowl since SB 45 (Green Bay)
  • Four of the last five NFC teams to play in the Super Bowl were the top seed in the conference – Atlanta in Super Bowl 51 was not

NFC East

The NFC East can thank the Philadelphia Eagles for winning their first Super Bowl last season, which gave the division the great honor of being the first with four Super Bowl winners.

NFC East Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
Dallas Cowboys 5 8 Super Bowl 30 Super Bowl 30
New York Giants 4 5 Super Bowl 46 Super Bowl 46
Washington 3 5 Super Bowl 26 Super Bowl 26
Philadelphia Eagles 1 3 Super Bowl 52 Super Bowl 52

NFC North

The Vikings and Packers have not entered into a two-team race in the NFC North as we all expected. Instead, the Bears currently lead the division, as the Packers are starting to get a little desperate.

NFC North Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
Green Bay Packers 4 5 Super Bowl 45 Super Bowl 41
Chicago Bears 1 2 Super Bowl 20 Super Bowl 46
Minnesota Vikings 0 4 N/A Super Bowl 11
Detroit Lions 0 0 N/A N/A

NFC South

The NFC South sent three teams to the 2017 NFL Playoffs, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers serving as the odd-man out. This could be the case again in 2018 if the Falcons can continue piling up some wins.

The Carolina Panthers are the only team to repeat as NFC South champions, winning the division three years in a row from 2013-2015.

NFC South Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
New Orleans Saints 1 1 Super Bowl 44 Super Bowl 44
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 1 Super Bowl 37 Super Bowl 37
Atlanta Falcons 0 2 N/A Super Bowl 51
Carolina Panthers 0 2 N/A Super Bowl 50

NFC West

For the first time since 2012, the Seattle Seahawks did not open the season with the shortest average odds to win the Super Bowl, among NFC West teams.

Seattle dismantled the defense they have hung their hat on over the last seven years, but the unit is still performing at a great level. We can’t say the same about their offense, though.

NFC West Team Super Bowl Championships SB Appearances Last SB Championship Last SB Appearance
San Francisco 49ers 5 6 Super Bowl 29 Super Bowl 47
Los Angeles Rams 1 3 Super Bowl 34 Super Bowl 36
Seattle Seahawks 1 3 Super Bowl 48 Super Bowl 49
Arizona Cardinals 0 1 N/A Super Bowl 43

Teams Without a Super Bowl

Here’s a full list of all the NFL franchises who have never won a Super Bowl:

Team Years in Super Bowl era NFL Super Bowl Appearances Closest They’ve Come
Arizona Cardinals 52 1 Lost 27-23 to PIT in Super Bowl 43
Atlanta Falcons 52 2 Lost 34-28 in OT to NE in Super Bowl 51
Buffalo Bills 52 4 Missed Game-Winning FG to lose 20-19 to NYG in Super Bowl 25
Carolina Panthers 24 2 Lost 32-29 to NE in Super Bowl 38 on a last-second FG
Cincinnati Bengals 51 2 Lost 20-16 to SF in Super Bowl 23
Cleveland Browns 52 0 Lost 23-20 in 1986 AFC Champ to DEN – “The Drive”
Detroit Lions 52 0 Lost 41-10 in their only NFC Champ game
Houston Texans 17 0 Lost 20-13 to BAL in 2011 AFC Divisional Round
Jacksonville Jaguars 24 0 Lost 24-20 to NE in 2017 AFC Champ game
Los Angeles Chargers 52 1 Lost 49-26 to SF in Super Bowl 29
Minnesota Vikings 52 4 Lost 16-6 to PIT in Super Bowl 9
Tennessee Titans 52 1 Lost 23-16 to STL in Super Bowl 34

2017 AFC Playoff Teams

If we judge based solely on the average odds for each team to win Super Bowl 53, the AFC would have two new playoff teams in 2018. With Deshaun Watson and (most likely) Andrew Luck returning, betting sites do not like Tennessee’s chances in the AFC South.

And after the Bills miraculously ended what was the longest playoff drought in the four major North American sports last year, sportsbooks certainly did not feel trading away Tyrod Taylor was a move in the direction of making it back-to-back playoff appearances.

2017 NFC Playoff Teams

According to the odds, we’ll just be swapping out the Carolina Panthers for the Green Bay Packers on the NFC side of the 2018 NFL Playoffs. Had Aaron Rodgers not gotten injured in Week 6 of the 2017 season, it’s likely Green Bay would have been a part of the 2017 playoffs, as well.

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