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Jalen Ramsey Props After Being Traded to Rams: CB Given +400 Odds to Get an Interception in 1st Game

Hans Themistode

by Hans Themistode in NFL Football

Updated Apr 4, 2020 · 11:13 AM PDT

Jacksonville Jaguars
Former Jacksonville Jaguar cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey looks to rebound with the Rams (#20) (Photo Credit: JAMZz (YouTube))
  • With the huge trade for Jalen Ramsey can the All-Pro corner have an immediate impact on the field?
  • His first game will be against Matt Ryan who has thrown the third most interceptions on the year
  • Can we expect him to get an interception in first game back? If not how about his total for the season?

After starting off the year spotless, the Los Angeles Rams decided to shake up the NFL world. They did just by acquiring Jalen Ramsey.

The trade came at a hefty price as it cost them a first round pick in both the 2020 and 2021 draft. The Rams also had to cough up a 4th rounder in 2021 as well.

It might seem like a huge price but for a team that was struggling defensively, they needed to address that side of the ball in a major way.

After giving up just 16.3 points per game during the first three games, that number has ballooned up to 35 a game in their last three. Now that Ramsey will be coming to town, expect him to do wonders for this team, but how fast will his impact be felt?

Odds of Ramsey INT in First Game with Rams

Result Odds
Yes +400
No -700

*Odds taken 10/16/2019

How Quick Can Ramsey Make an Impact?

At the current moment, the Rams rank in the middle of the pack in terms of interceptions on the year with five.

Ramsey has yet to grab an interception this season, but that stat should come with an asterisk. He has suited up three times this season while he was disgruntled in Jacksonville.



His first test will come against Matt Ryan who has thrown the third most interceptions on the year.

Still, even with that high number of interceptions, Ryan shouldn’t and most likely won’t throw many balls in his direction. Simply put, the receivers are just usually not open.

Yet for those of you who believe Ramsey will make a splash in his first game by recording an interception, that is just too much to ask for.

Odds on Ramsey’s Season Interception Total

Total Interceptions Odds
Over 2.5 +100
Under 2.5 -140
*Odds taken 10/16/2019

It might take a few weeks to get fully acclimated but expect Ramsey to have a huge say in how this team does defensively.

The biggest area in which Ramsey will have the most effect will be in the takeaway department.

Not only will he have chances for himself but he will also provide plenty opportunities for his teammates. Remember, Ramsey can effectively shut down one side of the field which will force quarterbacks to target other areas. That will benefit his teammates to no end.

What is the Best Bet?

Both props are difficult to predict. As for the first one, don’t expect Ramsey to get an interception in his first game. Even though Matt Ryan has thrown the third most interceptions on the year, he is still a smart and savvy signal caller. Don’t expect him to give Ramsey too many opportunities on the day.

As for the second prop, you should go with the under. Listen, Ramsey’s career high in interceptions stands at four. He hasn’t managed to grab one yet this season and normally keeps receivers on an island, deterring QB’s from throwing his way.

Ramsey will have a great year for his new team. He will also continue to prove that he is indeed the best corner back out there, but don’t be fooled by any of these props. Stay away from them entirely.

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