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Will Josh Gordon do a “Puff Puff Pass” TD Celebration? This is a Prop …

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated Mar 24, 2020 · 9:17 AM PDT

Josh Gordon as a Cleveland Brown
Josh Gordon has been traded to the New England Patriots. Photo by Erik Drost (Wiki Commons)
  • Josh Gordon marijuana celebration bet is an all-timer
  • Will the receiver dare cross the ‘Patriot Way’?
  • Gordon could debut for Patriots in Week 3 against winless Lions

There are prop bets, and then there are prop bets.

Bookmakers really outdid themselves on this one, with a prop you have to see to believe, involving new Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon, who could debut with his new team this Sunday in Detroit against the Lions.

Odds Josh Gordon does “puff, puff, pass” touchdown celebration?

Yes No
+300 -500


I know!

Clearly, this is something that we need to see, but is this actually in play? Let’s have a closer look.

Paying homage to … himself?

Going back to his sophomore year at Baylor, there has been just one documented season in Gordon’s career which hasn’t been derailed by suspension or rehab – that was his NFL rookie season in 2012.


Even in his spectacular 2013 campaign, when he set the NFL on fire with 87 catches for 1,696 yards (led the league) and nine touchdowns, Gordon only played 14 games as he was suspended in Weeks 1 and 2 for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.


Maybe the trade and tribute TD celebration is a chance to reflect on the past in a positive way – you know, by not actually smoking weed (which, by all accounts, hasn’t worked for him), and simulating it. On a championship contender. Or something like that.

Hey, is too far to call it a woke celebration if he did it?


Paying homage to … Cleveland?

In all fairness to the Browns, they did just about everything they could to steer the dude down a path where he could be a contributor week in and week out.

But the incident prior to their Week 2 game against the Saints, which seemed harmless enough, was the latest in a litany of ‘my bads’ and the last straw.

A celebration using the ball as a joint could be seen as a peace pipe, proverbial ceremonial smoke he’s sharing with the Browns. Sort of a “I really appreciate what you did, but it’s time to spark it up in my new digs” kind of vibe.

Paying homage to … touchdown celebrations?

Have a look back at Gordon’s TDs, and there’s nary a celebration worthy of YouTube. In fact, it looks eerily like the sort of thing the Patriots players do now, in their annoyingly docile Patriot Way machine-like attitude (save a Gronk spike or four).


Gordon’s best post-score entertainment was in his limited time in 2017. Suspensions meant his year started in Week 13. In Week 14, he scored his first TD in four seasons against the Packers. Take it easy, cool guy.

And while TD celebrations are a dime a dozen these days, this one would be memorable because it involved a real storyline.

Can you recall the last time you saw such a move? Has to be Terrell Owens and Spygate, right? Forgive the grainy footage – this YouTube video is nearly as hard to find as Jordan losing to the Magic in his first comeback season.

YouTube video

Will Gordon “Puff, Puff, Pass” in Week 3?

If yes wasn’t already a long shot, how about this nugget from Patriots practice:

If everything goes according to New England’s plan, Gordon’s going to be introduced to a new drug: TB12. If that’s the case, consider that potential celebration going up in smoke.

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