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Mangold Makes a Round Robin Bet in Week 11 of Sports Betting Journey

SBD's Ambassador Nick Mangold
Nick Mangold's first crack at an "if bet" didn't go as planned last week. But we got to experience the safety net built into that type of bet. There's no safety net in the bet he's making in Week 11, though.
  • Former Jets center Nick Mangold learns what a round robin bet is in the next step of his sports betting journey with SBD
  • Mangold is 4-6 on his weekly bets (-1.29 units) and 12-8 on his props (+2.76 units); he’s 16-14 overall (+1.47 units)
  • Get a quick lesson on what a round robin bet is along with Mangold’s picks for Week 11

Last week we saw the safety net that comes with an “if bet”. All three of my picks were duds, but since the first one lost, the two subsequent bets didn’t have action. So instead of losing three units, I only parted ways with one.

That’s the lesson I wanted to teach you guys in making those three picks …

The next step of my sports betting journey involves making a round robin bet. This one does not come with the same safety net built into “if bets”, however. In fact, you can see your bankroll take a major hit with this type of bet if you’re not careful with the amount you risk.

A round robin bet is a parlay that involves at least three events. But instead of simply parlaying all those events together, a round robin bet sees you make a separate wager on every two-event combination.

I found this one was much easier to understand with an example. So let’s get to my picks for Week 11.

Mangold’s Week 11 Picks

I have four teams I feel really good about this Sunday:

  • Baltimore Ravens (-4.5)
  • New York Jets (+2)
  • New England Patriots (-5)
  • Chicago Bears (+6)

So I have the option to either make every two-team parlay combo, which is six different bets, or every three-team parlay combo, which is four different bets. I’m going to go with the two-team combos with half a unit on each one, meaning I’m risking a total of three units today.

Round Robin Bet

Round Robin Combo Risk To Win
Ravens -4.5 (-110) & Jets +2 (-115) 0.5 units 1.28 units
Ravens -4.5 (-110) & Patriots -5 (-110) 0.5 units 1.32 units
Ravens -4.5 (-110) & Bears +6 (-110) 0.5 units 1.32 units
Jets +2 (-115) & Patriots -5 (-110) 0.5 units 1.28 units
Jets +2 (-115) & Bears +6 (-110) 0.5 units 1.28 units
Patriots -5 (-110) & Bears +6 (-110) 0.5 units 1.32 units
6 Total Bets 3 units 7.82 units

All odds taken November 17

I know the sum of all six two-team parlays comes a little shy of the 7.82 units listed at the bottom, but there is some rounding I did in there for simplicity sake.

As mentioned, there’s no safety net here. So if three of these four picks are wrong, I’m going to lose three units. If I only get two of them right, I’ll end up losing around 1.7 units. But if I manage to get three of these right, I’ll end up around +2.4 units.

But the plan here is to nail all four.

The Ravens are really rolling right now and they’re very tough at home. I like Gregg Williams (the Jets DC) to overwhelm Washington’s rookie QB, Dwayne Haskins. The Patriots are extremely dangerous when coming off a loss, just as they are when coming off a bye. Add those two together, and Philly is going to get New England’s best shot today. Finally, the Bears defense is going to get a ton of pressure on Jared Goff today, likely leading to more turnovers and maybe even a defensive score or two.

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