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Mangold Plays a Teaser in Week 8 of Sports Betting Journey

Nick Mangold SBD's Ambassador
Nick Mangold offers his best teaser for Week 8 of the NFL season.
  • Seven-time Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold missed on his parlay in Week 7
  • Mangold is 3-4 with his weekly bet (-1.89 units) and 9-5 on his MNF props (+3.03 units); he’s 12-9 overall (+1.14 units)
  • The former Jet will put together his first teaser for Week 8

For those who bet my Week 7 parlay, I’m sorry …

Along with the haters, there was at least one more person who took pleasure in my awful parlay: Matt McEwan. The Editor-in-Chief here at SportsBettingDime spent our first session together pleading for me to stop strictly betting parlays.

After nailing my two previous straight bets, I can only imagine the stupid smirk he must have had on his face when he realized my parlay went down the drain real quick.

Ahead of Week 8, Matt has taken the time to teach me a different, slightly less risky, kind of parlay. It’s called a teaser.

This type of bet involves you parlaying either spread or totals bets, and then buying points from the sportsbook. So if I want to bet …

  • Team X who’s favored by 7 points
  • Team Y who is favored by 10 points
  • and then Team Z who was getting 3 points

… but I was a little concerned about laying all those points in the first two of my picks, I could buy a set amount of points on each spread.

For example, if I chose a 6-point teaser, then I’d only be laying 1 point (-7+6=1), 4 points (-10+6=4), and then getting 9 points (3+6=9) on my three examples from above. In teasing your spreads, you of course sacrifice potential payout.

If you want to read a little more on this type of bet, check out SBD’s guide explaining teasers.

Here’s my first crack at a teaser.

Mangold’s Week 8 Picks

I’m targeting all three of the 4pm ET games as well as the Sunday night game. If I were to parlay these four ATS bets, my odds would be around +1200. But with the six-point teaser in place, my odds go down to +260. Of course, my true odds of hitting the parlay go through the roof.

Teaser Picks & Odds

Matchup Pick
Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers (-4) SF
Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots (-11) NE
Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans (-6.5) HOU
Green Bay Packers (-5.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs GB
6-POINT TEASER SF +2, NE -5, HOU -0.5, GB +0.5 (+260)

*All odds taken October 26

As you see above, all my picks get six points added to their spread.

I like all the favorites in the final four games of the day. The Kyle Allen story has been great, but that San Francisco defense is for real. Baker Mayfield has not met the lofty expectations placed on him this season, and this won’t be the week he turns it all around. The Texans will be hungry after a tough loss to the Colts last week, and the Chiefs offense won’t be the same without Patrick Mahomes.

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