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Nick Bosa the Odds-On Favorite to be Selected 2nd Overall in 2019 NFL Draft

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in NFL Football

Updated Apr 3, 2019 · 10:17 AM PDT

Nick Bosa at a press conference.
Nick Bosa would be an ideal fit for the 49ers who select 2nd in the upcoming NFL Draft. Photo by Thomson200 [CC0].
  • Nick Bosa is a heavy favorite to be selected with the 2nd-overall pick
  • Bosa is the consensus #1 prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft class
  • Is there value betting Bosa to go 2nd or is there risk he’ll rise or fall?

Ohio State edge rusher Nick Bosa is the consensus best player in the 2019 NFL Draft (Thursday, Apr. 25th) but, unfortunately for him, he’s much more likely to be selected 2nd-overall than he is 1st.

Odds to Be 2nd-Overall Pick in 2019 NFL Draft

Player College, Position #2 NFL Draft pick odds at Bookmaker
Nick Bosa Ohio State, EDGE -280
Quinnen Williams Alabama, DT +325
Kyler Murray Oklahoma, QB +550
Dwayne Haskins Ohio State, QB +1200
Josh Allen Kentucky, EDGE +2000

*Odds taken April 2

That’s because the Arizona Cardinals, who are on the clock, are reportedly enamored with Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and his unique skill set.  Murray is a heavy favorite to go number one, but Bosa falling to number two might not be the lock it once seemed.

Bosa Back in Consideration for the Cardinals

As it stands right now, the Cardinals are playing their cards close to the vest and are weighing all their options. They wined and dined Bosa last week in Florida and will reportedly host him later this week in Arizona.

Maybe they’re just doing their due diligence or maybe they’re having second thoughts on passing on one of the best pass-rush prospects of the last five years.

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During his three-year career at Ohio State, Bosa racked up 17.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss, despite missing the bulk of his junior season.

He has Pro Football Focus’ second-highest pass rushing grade among college players since 2014, behind only Myles Garrett, and ahead of his NFL-star brother Joey.

[Bosa] has Pro Football Focus’ second-highest pass rushing grade among college players since 2014, behind only Myles Garrett.

He’d be the perfect compliment to Chandler Jones, and Arizona’s new linebackers coach, Bill Davis, who spent the last two seasons at Ohio State, has been beating the drum for Bosa ever since he arrived in the desert.

Bosa Won’t Make it Past the Niners at #2

If the Cards opt to select Murray, there’s little chance San Francisco passes on Bosa at number two.  He’d be the rare choice that is both the best player available and fills a desperate need.

The Niners are determined to bolster a pass rush that’s ranked bottom 12 in sacks in each of the last six seasons, and Bosa would help immediately.

He has the tools to be a franchise-changing player and, combined with DeForest Buckner and newly signed Dee Ford, would create one of the most talented D-lines in the NFL.

Swing for the Fences on Bosa

Bosa isn’t falling to number three, and while he may wind up going to San Francisco at two, he’s definitely still in the conversation to be the first player selected.

There’s a reason why the Cardinals are trying to learn more about him and it’s the same reason why they’re still hanging on to Josh Rosen. They’re not completely sold on Kyler Murray, and it might be time to start exploring Bosa’s odds to be the first name called by Commissioner Goodell.

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