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Odds Against Another “Halle Berry” Audible from Rams in Week 11

Halle Berry
Who knew we'd be talking Halle Berry and football. But after the Rams named a play after her on Sunday, oddsmakers are asking if it will happen again in Week 11. Photo by Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Rams QB Jared Goff got some attention on Twitter from actress Halle Berry after using her name as an audible on Sunday
  • Oddsmaker aren’t expecting it to happen again in Week 11
  • Is there value on betting on it regardless?

Halle Berry. You may know her from such on-screen performances like Catwoman, X-Men, Die Another Day, or the countless others the 52-year-old actress has been a part of. Bond Girl, Academy Award winner (Monster’s Ball), swimsuit model and now a play call of the Los Angeles Rams?

On Sunday, Rams’ QB Jared Goff called out an audible named “Halle Berry” which caught Berry’s attention on Twitter. And now, of course we can bet on whether it will happen again.

Odds Rams Will Call Another “Halle Berry” Audible Week 11

Will the Rams Call a “Halle Berry” Audible in Week 11? Odds
Yes +155
No -220

In case you missed the audible which resulted in an eight-yard catch to Tyler Higbee, check it out below. No word on if that was the intent of the play, as apparently Head Coach Sean McVay wasn’t prepared to share the intricacies of his playbook.

Goff and the Rams may have thought very little of the play and surely had no expectation that the actress would catch wind of it. After all, Berry’s first husband, ex-MLB player David Justice, claimed she used to get mad at him for watching too much ESPN.

But lo and behold she not only heard it, but reached out to Goff on Twitter to ask what it was all about.

Thrilled to find out she heard about it, the Rams’ QB replied to her saying “It’s my favorite play ever”.

The exchange didn’t end there, as Goff’s teammates Todd Gurley and Andrew Whitworth got in on the tweet too. I’ll let you go use Urban Dictionary like I just did to find out what a “thot” is.

This is nothing new for the Rams’ offense which has incorporated many celebrities into their play calls. Obama, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Elvis, Tupac and Ric Flair have all made appearances at the Rams’ line of scrimmage.

Should You Bet the YES?

Could Ms. Berry simply be the latest name drop of Goff and the Rams or could there be something more?

I’m not sure I can really recommend laying this much juice on the NO. After all, if Goff was/is trying to cash in on some childhood fantasies of the ex-supermodel with his newfound fame as an NFL quarterback, he’s already got her attention. If he wants to keep her interest he can’t keep using the same material.

The devil is also in the details in some bets. “The Halle Berry Audible”. What does that mean? Does it have to be the exact same play? What if they just call a “Halle”, does that count?

The NO is the safe bet, but if you can’t wait to sit down for MNF and hope this story continues to play out, it can’t hurt to throw a little pizza money on YES.

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