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Odds Against Denver Trading Demaryius Thomas – But Worth the Wager

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated Mar 25, 2020 · 9:02 AM PDT

Broncos wide receiver Demarius Thomas
Will Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas be shipped before the trade deadline? Photo by Jeffrey Beall (flickr) [CC License].
  • Are Demariyus Thomas’ days as a Bronco numbered?
  • Is there value in betting yes?
  • What teams would be interested in the star receiver?

It was one of the most iconic plays in Denver Broncos playoff history. We all know that it was Tim Tebow that threw the pass, but it was a youngster by the name of Demariyus Thomas that did the rest.

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Thomas has been a fixture of excellence in Denver ever since. In July of 2015, the Broncos inked him to a 5-year, $70 million deal with an $11 million signing bonus and $43.5 million guaranteed.

As that contract nears the outs that won’t cripple the team’s cap, it appears that the business side of sports has taken over, and both sides seem ready to move on. Just ask 88.

Despite the calm and almost absurdness in his voice, books aren’t sold on Denver moving one of their most famous and popular franchise faces, at least just not this week.

Demaryius Thomas Trade Odds

Will Demaryius Thomas get traded this season? Odds
Yes +100
No -140

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Thomas Still Has Good Years Left

At 30 years old, Thomas is at that teetering point where wide receiver skills usually diminish. Dez Bryant also signed his five-year extension that same offseason, and the former Cowboy still hasn’t found a new team.

But age might not be the mitigating factor here in Denver’s thought process. Emmanuel Sanders is a year older, slightly cheaper, but offers the shifty speed threat that can move in space.

It might have to do more with the fact that youngster Courtland Sutton is the heir apparent to the big, physical presence with breakaway speed – all the traits that made Thomas a first round pick in 2010.

The only difference is Sutton is being paid at a fraction of the cost.

After watching the Broncos struggle to pass protect, stop the run and make enough winning plays, that money could go to adding two or three pieces. A draft pick or picks in a trade shouldn’t harm the team badly at the receiver spot.

Demaryius Thomas Stats from 2012-2017

Year Starts Targets Receptions Yards Touchdowns
2017 16 140 83 949 5
2016 16 144 90 1,083 5
2015 16 177 105 1,304 6
2014 16 184 111 1,619 11
2013 16 142 92 1,430 14
2012 16 143 94 1,434 10

What Teams Can Use Him?

Unlike Bryant, Thomas – who has started every game since 2012 – is still a player that can get separation and runs crisp routes. This was evident during the Peyton Manning years, where DT was in sync with one of the great precision passers of all time. And that was even with a case of the drops.

Anyone with an accurate QB should inquire. Aaron Rodgers could use a threat opposite Davante Adams. With a stalled running game (and LeSean McCoy concussed and injured), perhaps the Eagles move to an entirely vertical game and let Carson Wentz spin.

Anyone with an accurate QB should inquire. Aaron Rodgers could use a threat opposite Davante Adams.

There’s also the possibility of reuniting Thomas with former Broncos OC Adam Gase, who’s now running things in Miami, and are down a receiver after Albert Wilson’s injury. And hey, Baker Mayfield could use a legit big target outside, while Jarvis Landry works the short-intermediate range.

Will the Broncos Trade Demariyus Thomas?

Perhaps John Elway is done with the minor tweaking to make the Broncos a contender.

This is a team that is middling in both record (3-4) and stats. Denver is 8th in rushing yards per game, but they lurk outside the top 10 in scoring, passing yards and total yards per game.


Defensively, only the Cardinals have surrendered more rushing yards per contest, which nullifies their 22 sacks that rank second in the NFL.

After the pash rush and their receiving unit, this team needs a talent injection.

Which is why it’s almost certain the Broncos take a deal for Thomas – and maybe several other Broncos – before October 30.

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