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Odds Are Against Eli Manning Crying at Retirement Press Conference

Eli Manning hollering
Will Eli Mannning shed a tear at his retirement press conference? BetOnline is offering -200 odds against that happening. Photo by Keith Allison (Wiki Commons)
  • BetOnline is offering a series of prop bets covering Friday’s retirement press conference scheduled for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning
  • Among the props are will Manning cry? And will he mention his brother or father first?
  • Will he mention Daniel Jones?

Now that Eli Manning has decided that retirement is what he’s going to do, BetOnline is asking a lot of questions.

The sportsbook wants to know how the New York Giants quarterback will handle his public appearance on Friday as he announces that he’s stepping away from life as an NFL player?

When it comes to family matters, who will Manning mention first – his father Archie, or his brother Peyton? Will he acknowledge Daniel Jones, who replaced him under center for the Giants this season?

Who will Manning thank first from the podium, and lastly, will he be overcome with emotion and shed some tears?

These are all prop bets on offer from BetOnline as Manning brings an end to his 16-season NFL career.

Just over a month ago, BetOnline correctly forecasted this outcome in a previous Manning prop, making retirement the -300 chalk.

Odds Who Eli Manning Mentions First at Retirement Press Conference

Person Odds at BetOnline
Archie Manning (father) -120
Peyton Manning (brother) -120

Odds taken Jan. 23

Archie Manning didn’t just precede his sons Eli and Peyton as an NFL quarterback. He served as both mentor and hero to his boys.

When Peyton Manning retired from the NFL in 2016, the first mention of family he gave was to acknowledge his dad. Peyton pointed out that his first NFL game was against the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino. He noted that while growing up, after his dad, Marino was his second-favorite NFL QB.

The fact of the matter is that neither of Peyton or Eli are likely to have ended up under center as a starting QB in the NFL without their father’s guidance and tutoring. They aren’t who they are without his input.

For that reason alone, Eli is certainly going to mention his father first.

Pick: Archie Manning (-120)

Odds Who Eli Manning Thanks First at Retirement Press Conference

Option Odds at BetOnline
Giants Organization (owner) -150
City of New York +150
Fans +200
Family +500

Former NFL head coach Bum Phillips once famously said when asked which quarterback he was going to start in a big game, “you dance with who brung you.” In Manning’s case, he’ll remember who paid him.

He won two Super Bowls at the helm of the Giants. He leaves the game as the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yardage (57,023) and touchdown passes (366).

The Giants also paid him $252,280,004 over the course of his NFL career. That makes him the highest-paid player in league history. He surpassed his brother Peyton ($248 million) this season.

That type of stipend doesn’t just deserve a thank you. It guarantees that you get the first thank you.

Odds Eli Manning Cries at Retirement Press Conference

Outcome Odds at BetOnline
No -200
Yes +150

When Peyton Manning announced his retirement, he delivered an emotional speech. His voice broke at times as he spoke. He paused on occasion to regain his composure. It came perilously close but ultimately not one tear was shed.

When Peyton and Eli first encountered each other in the locker room following the Giants’ stunning Super Bowl 42 win over the previously-unbeaten New England Patriots, they talked about the game like two players breaking down film.

There were smiles but no tears.

Even during monumental occasions, Mannings don’t cry.

Pick: No (-200)

Odds Eli Manning Mentions Daniel Jones at Retirement Press Conference?

Outcome Odds at BetOnline
Yes -300
No +200

Manning lost his job this season to 2019 first round draft pick Daniel Jones of Duke. Truth be told, the change was long overdue.

He led the Giants to one winning season over his last six as their starter.

Including playoffs, Manning was 38-58 over that span. Four of the five losing seasons saw New York encounter double-digit losses. Manning finished 117-117 for his career.

No athlete likes losing their starting spot but Mannings are class acts. Eli will definitely acknowledge Jones and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Pick: Yes (-300)

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