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Odds Against Reuben Foster Serving More Than Half-Year in Jail

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated Jul 7, 2020 · 3:20 PM PDT

Doug Williams
Washington's Senior Vice-President of Player Personnel Doug Williams came under fire for his comments defending the Redskins claiming of Reuben Foster off waivers. Photo by Keith Allison (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/].
  • Reuben Foster’s career in limbo following latest incident
  • Could Foster find himself behind bars for domestic violence?
  • What punishment will the NFL impose if he is reinstated? 

Man, NFL.

This has been one of the most compelling, remarkable and wildly amazing seasons. And yet, it’s stories like Reuben Foster’s that make every fan feel dirty for continuing to tune in.

Last Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers released the linebacker for a domestic violence incident.

He’s accused of pushing a phone out of the hand of Elissa Ennis, a woman he has had an on-again-off-again relationship with for a few years, before pushing her in the chest area, and then hitting her with an open hand on her face.

Just two days later, the Washington Redskins claimed him off waivers, the only franchise that made a claim for him.

Let’s just say this wasn’t the best PR move. And social media has the franchise and the NFL over a spit, roasting over extremely hot coals.

It didn’t help that Doug Williams, the team’s Senior VP of Personnel, called the incident ‘small potatoes’ to other gruesome stories around the league. He had to walk back his statement a day later.

The worst part? This isn’t even the worst story in the NFL on this very same topic this week.

While Foster sits on the Commissioner’s exempt list, unable to practice, play, or be around his new team, and no decision looming on his immediate future until this situation plays out, Sportsbooks have released some odds on what Foster faces if he ever makes it back to the NFL.

Odds on Reuben Foster’s Punishment

How many games will Reuben Foster be suspended by the NFL? Odds
Over 3.5 games -120
Under 3.5 games -120

Unlike Ray Rice or Kareem Hunt, there is no video evidence of what has happened, so on that basis, it’s somehow less egregious, so you could argue Foster will make it back to the NFL.

Greg Hardy, the one-time star defensive end for the Panthers, was charged and found guilty for an incident that included choking a woman and throwing her onto a bed of firearms.

Somehow he landed on the Cowboys the next season before the bad PR cloud following him finally sent him away from the NFL for good.

Then again, we’ve seen Bengals running back Joe Mixon punch a woman out cold while he was in college, and he’s a starter putting up decent numbers. Go figure.

Foster will be a repeat offender, as he was already suspended two games to start this season for marijuana possession. Ezekiel Elliott got six games for being accused of domestic violence – and was never charged or convicted.

If Foster does get reinstated, there is no way he gets less than 3.5 games.

Odds Foster Is Put Behind Bars

How Much Time Will Reuben Foster Serve in Jail? Odds
If Proven Guilty, Less than Six Months +150
If Proven Guilty, More than Six Months -200

According to this USA Today comprehensive arrest list of NFL players, including Foster’s, you have to scroll down 43 incidents – everything from drugs, drunk driving to domestic violence and everything in between – to find one that resulted in jail time.

Now, a chunk of those are still awaiting resolution, so there is the possibility that those numbers change,  but those figures suggest it would be a little surprising if this incident moves to a trial where Foster could see real jail time.

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