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Odds Heavily Favor Tony Romo Continuing as TV Analyst in 2019 NFL Season

Tony Romo CBS color commentator
Tony Romo is preparing for his first Super Bowl appearance (in the broadcast booth). Photo from @TheOnion (Twitter)
  • Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has turned heads with his analysis work on NFL broadcasts
  • Romo and Jim Nantz will call Super Bowl 53 for CBS
  • There have been suggestions that Romo’s intuitive football mind would make him a great NFL coach

There are two types of talking heads calling TV sports and the question today is which kind is Tony Romo? Is the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback looking to make a career in the booth, or use it as a stepping stone to a coaching position with an NFL team?

Bovada is asking the same question in a prop bet on what the future holds for Romo in terms of his professional choices.

What Will Tony Romo Be Doing at the Start of the 2019 NFL Season?

Potential Positions Odds on What Will Tony Romo Be Doing at the Start of the 2019 NFL Season at Bovada (01/31/19)
TV Analyst -500
Playing In The NFL +300
Coaching as an Offensive Coordinator +500
Coaching as a Defensive Coordinator +1600

Romo quarterbacked the Cowboys for 13 NFL seasons from 2004-16. He’ll be in the booth with Jim Nantz for Super Bowl 53 where, they may or may not mention betting.

Romo Wasn’t Built In A Day

It’s easy to be in awe of Romo’s astonishing ability to predict plays before they happen, as he did so frequently during New England’s AFC Championship Game win over Kansas City. But breaking down film and noticing tendencies is just one part of a coach’s job. There’s that whole handling of 53 personalities in a locker room. Telling players they’ve been cut. Hiring and firing staff. Dealing with the media on a daily basis.

Coaching in the NFL is an all-encompassing task. Joe Gibbs used to sleep on a cot in his office when he was coaching the Washington Redskins. On-air talent sleep in five-star hotels, work a couple days a week and make huge bank. Why give all that up for the high-risk job that is coaching in the NFL?

Ask Chucky if He’d Like a Do Over

As a coach, the moment the game is done, you hit the film room to begin breaking down next week’s opponent. The best part about being in a broadcast booth is that when the game is done, you are done.

As former Cowboys receiver-turned-broadcaster Michael Irvin suggested, Romo would be out of his mind to give up his comfort zone to go into coaching.

Ask John Gruden whether given his druthers, he’d have stayed in the Monday Night Football booth and not jumped at the shekels of gold offered him to return as coach of the Oakland Raiders.

John Madden is remembered more for his broadcasting days than his NFL coaching career, and he won a Super Bowl. You think he gets his own video game if he stayed on the sideline?

Romo Doesn’t Want It

Asked about the chance to coach, Romo said he’d like to do it… in the future. For now, he’s happy where he is at CBS.

Among his predictions for the future, this is Romo’s best. Bet on him staying put.

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