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Odds Against Tony Romo Predicting a Play That Results in a TD in Super Bowl 53

Ryan Bolta

by Ryan Bolta in NFL Football

Jan 25, 2019 · 1:50 PM PST

Super Bowl 55
Raymond James Stadium, the site of NFL football Super Bowl LV, is shown Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 7. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
  • Tony Romo, color commentator for CBS, has made a habit of correctly predicting what plays are about to happen
  • Romo and the CBS broadcast team will be calling Super Bowl 53
  • Will we see some more Romo magic?

The most exceptional performance of the playoffs so far actually came from the broadcast booth.

Tony Romo has reached the main stream with his incredible ability to predict what’s coming. His talents were on full display in the Patriots AFC Championship victory over the Chiefs.

Romo predicted 15 plays during the game. He was right 12 times and one call was a draw, meaning he was incorrect only twice. That’s a record deserving of a contract as a defensive coordinator, but that debate is for another day.

For the Super Bowl, he’ll be back in the booth and Bookmaker has released Romo related props that are likely to be very popular.

Odds Romo Predicts a Play Correctly That Results in a TD

Prop Odds at Bookmaker
A Play Tony Romo Predicts Will Result In A TD +191
A Play Tony Romo Predicts Will Not Result In A TD -265

*Odds taken 1/25

It’s the Super Bowl; you can bet on anything from Gatorade color to the length of the anthem, but this is the prop that would keep you dialed in all game long.

Deciding that it’s worth betting on is easy, deciding where to lay your money is more challenging.

The Case For Yes

As mentioned above, Romo was 12-2-1 predicting plays in the AFC Championship game. Once or twice is a fluke, but that record shows you the man knows what he is talking about.

The calls aren’t easy either. This isn’t “this should be a run.” He’s calling motions and players before giving specific details of what’s to come. The majority of his predictions came on plays run by the Patriots and as we all know, they’re back in the Super Bowl.

Romo seems to have a good read on New England’s offense and there’s no evidence to suggest a major shift in the game plan from the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Even if he gets a dozen calls correct it doesn’t mean any of them are going for a TD. But at the price of +191, it’s worth the risk. Plus, who wants to experience a racing heart beat and be forced to cheer for ‘No’ every time Romo tosses out a prediction during the game.

The Case For No

There is one major point to consider here and it’s the gravity of the moment. It’s the Super Bowl, the most important game of the year.

During an important play, let’s say a goal-to-go situation in the second half, do you think Romo will risk stepping on the moment by tossing out a prediction? He might, as he’s made a habit of it all year. But those games weren’t the Super Bowl.

It’s likely the number of guesses takes a dip, and with that, so to do the odds that he’ll get one correct on a TD scoring play.

The Best Bet

Romo has been the MVP of the playoffs from an entertainment stand point. Why shouldn’t it continue in the Super Bowl?

The value just isn’t there to say he won’t predict a TD. Paying -265 is too steep to forfeit the fun of betting yes and getting to cheer like crazy when Romo goes Romo and makes another perfect pick.


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