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Odds of Colin Kaepernick Signing With an NFL Team for 2019 Season Listed at 3-1

Colin Kaepernick standing on the sideline in San Francisco
Colin Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since opting out of his contract to be a free agent in 2016. Photo from @ComplexSports (Twitter).
  • Colin Kaepernick last played in the NFL in 2016 with the San Francisco 49ers
  • He continues to work out in hopes that he will get an opportunity to return to the league
  • Several teams including the Ravens, Titans & Buccaneers could find themselves in the market for a QB

Colin Kaepernick has not given up on his dream of returning to the NFL, but should he?

Will Kaepernick Play in 2019?

Will Kaepernick Sign With NFL Team In 2019? Odds
Yes +300
No -500

Odds taken 12/08/19.

His chances are actually better now than they were in February but odds makers still don’t love the idea of him playing again next year. That said, I think there is big time value in betting on the 31 year old and here’s why.

Collusion Settlement Finally Old News

When news broke that Kaepernick was suing the NFL it certainly seemed like his playing days were officially over.  Now that the settlement was reached and enough time has passed, it looks to me like the door is slightly open. I believe Kaepernick can be judged at this point on his skills as a quarterback and nothing more.

If he proves capable of being helpful to a team, the public relations in signing him could be just as positive as it would be negative. They say time heals all wounds, and though this wound may never be fully healed, it’s reasonable to believe it’s cleared up enough one of the leagues 32 general managers would take a shot on him.

Someone Will Always be Desperate for QB Help

While it seems like most teams have settled their QB needs at this point in time, someone always emerges as in need once the season kicks off. Whether it be because of injury or poor performance, signing a QB in his prime who once brought a team to the Super Bowl is never a bad idea from a simple X’s and O’s standpoint.

Looking specifically at situations in Baltimore, Tennessee, Washington, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay, there already appear to be teams who could use Kaepernick as a tenured back up. When you consider the fact injuries will mount and more suitors will be looking to sign a capable quarterback, I think the odds listed are providing decent value.

Final Verdict

The chance of Kaepernick signing in 2019 (remember: he doesn’t have to play, he just has to sign) seems to be much closer to a coin flip than these odds suggest. When trying to identify which futures bets are worth your time and which ones aren’t – that’s what I look for – a bet offering high odds that probably shouldn’t. Take a gamble on Kaepernick and trust that all that work he’s putting in the gym will finally pay off.

The Pick: Yes (+300)

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