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Odds for All Teams to Select an Offensive or Defensive Player with Their First Pick in 2020 NFL Draft

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Apr 4, 2020 · 8:39 AM PDT

Joe Burrow back to pass
The Cincinnati Bengals are expected to tab LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the first overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. You can bet on whether each NFL team will go with an offensive or defensive player with their first pick. Photo by Tammy Anthony Baker (Wikimedia Commons).
  • You can play a prop bet on each NFL team on whether they will select an offensive or defensive player with their first 2020 draft pick
  • Which teams are leaning toward boosting the offense? Which clubs are looking to shore up their defense?
  • Analysis of all of the odds and best bets to play for each squad follow in the story below

Which NFL teams are looking to ramp up their offensive machine? What clubs will be seeking to fortify on the defensive side of the football?

The NFL Draft is filled with intrigue and back-room deals, as teams seek to trade up or down in order to secure not only the player they desire, but also a better future for their franchise.

Speculation runs rampant at this time of the year. Football fans can locate almost as many NFL mock drafts on social media as there are alleged natural recipes to cure COVID-19.

Determining which way a team might opt to go on draft day is more than a curiosity. It can also be a profitable exercise. There are oddsmakers posting prop bets on whether each NFL team will take an offensive or a defensive player with their first pick.

The Cincinnati Bengals, who hold the first overall pick, are expected to go for Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow of national champion LSU. After that, though, it’s anybody’s guess.

There are lots of theories out there as to what the other 31 NFL teams are thinking. Nail the right one, and it’ll put money in your pocket.

Will NFL Teams Draft Offensive or Defensive Player With First Pick of 2020 Draft?

Team Offensive Odds Defensive Odds
Arizona Cardinals -310 +225
Atlanta Falcons +210 -280
Baltimore Ravens -112 -112
Buffalo Bills* -102 -124
Carolina Panthers +180 -235
Chicago Bears* OFF OFF
Cincinnati Bengals -3500 +1460
Cleveland Browns -430 +300
Dallas Cowboys +225 -310
Denver Broncos -250 +190
Detroit Lions -186 +142
Green Bay Packers -310 +225
Houston Texans* -118 -110
Indianapolis Colts* -310 +225
Jacksonville Jaguars +210 -280
Los Angeles Chargers -700 +440
Kansas City Chiefs OFF OFF
Los Angeles Rams* -102 -214
Las Vegas Raiders OFF OFF
Miami Dolphins -1000 +580
Minnesota Vikings +176 -230
New England Patriots -126 -102
New Orleans Saints -108 -118
New York Giants -196 +152
New York Jets -430 +300
Philadelphia Eagles -186 +144
Pittsburgh Steelers* -126 -102
San Francisco 49ers -168 +132
Seattle Seahawks +116 -148
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -150 +118
Tennessee Titans -126 -102
Washington Redskins +350 -550

Odds taken April 4th. *Teams without a first-round pick.

The NFL Draft is slated to take place April 23-25.

Putting the D In Lions

Right off the bat, there appears to be a gift price coming the way of bettors regarding the Detroit Lions. The Lions, 3-12-1 last season, are slated to select third overall in the draft.

The oddsmakers are weighting the Lions more toward an offensive (-186) than a defensive (+142) player with their first pick. That just doesn’t make sense.

After Burrow, the next player off the board figures to be Ohio State edge rusher Chase Young to the Washington Redskins at #2. If for some reason the Redskins were to pass on young, the Lions would be all over him.

Supposing Washington sticks with the form chart. That’s when it gets a little more intriguing for Detroit but defense still figures to be the most pressing need for the Lions.

Following the trade of Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lions have a huge hole to fill in the secondary. Another Ohio State player, cornerback Jeffrey Okudah, is ideally suited to answer that need.

Detroit could even opt to trade down, and still get Okudah. Perhaps the Miami Dolphins, who pick #5, and covet a QB, will engineer a swap of first picks with the Lions. Even at #5, Okudah will be Detroit’s guy.

Pick: Detroit Lions Select A Defensive Player (+142).

Steelers Toll For Big Ben Backup

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger can’t play forever. After Big Ben’s season-ending elbow injury last year, Pittsburgh found out that Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges couldn’t play at all.

It’s a QB-rich draft. If Roethlisberger goes down again, or is slow to get back to speed, the Steelers won’t risk being caught without an adequate backup again. Pittsburgh doesn’t pick until Round 2 but don’t be surprised that when they pull the Steel Curtain back, there’s a QB behind it.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers select an offensive player (-126).

Vikings Must Shore Up Defensive Game

Minnesota dealt away 1,000-yard receiver Stefon Diggs to Buffalo. But the Vikings got Buffalo’s first-round pick in that deal.

With a pair of first-round choices (#22, #25), Minny can play this a number of ways. Logically, the Vikes would first look to fill any of a number of needs on defense.

However, there’s a lot of scuttlebutt in NFL circles that they desperately want an elite wideout. This year’s draft well  of high-end receivers runs deep. Minnesota might even trade up to get one.

Play this hunch and take the price.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings select an offensive player (+176).

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