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Odds Say Antonio Brown Will Not Play on Same Team as Tom Brady in 2020

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown about to embrace
-200 odds against Tom Brady and Antonio Brown playing for the same team during the 2020 NFL season have been released. Photo by: HotNewHipHop (Twitter).
  • A prop wager on whether Antonio Brown and Tom Brady will be NFL teammates during the 2020 season has been released. No is favored at odds of -200
  • Brown and Brady were briefly teammates last season with the New England Patriots. Is a reunion in the works?
  • Analysis of that possibility and odds on the outcomes are provided in the story below

Is Tom Brady pulling a basketball move on the NFL team that will sign him, one that involves Antonio Brown? It could be.

Word is that free-agent Brady is putting a one-on-one on the line in contract talks. You want him, you have to sign wide receiver Antonio Brown as well.

If that is indeed the case, odds are that Brady’s wish won’t come to fruition. A prop wager on whether Brady and Brown will be teammates during the 2020 NFL season has been released, with -200 odds that Brown isn’t lining up alongside Brady on Fall Sundays this year.

Antonio Brown & Tom Brady to Play on Same Team During 2020 NFL Season

Outcome Odds
Yes +150
No -200

Odds taken March 18th

A yes play would be worth +150 if it came in.

Brady & Brown Had Brief Fling

The Brady-Brown teaming was a short relationship. Apparently, there was enough time for a bromance to blossom.

Brown endured a brief but tumultuous tenure over the summer and through training camp with the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland brass grew weary of Brown’s endless drama, and released him.

The Patriots quickly signed the All-Pro wide receiver on Sept. 7th. He caught a 20-yard touchdown pass from Brady in his New England debut during a 43-0 win at Miami.

Brown finished that game with four catches for 56 yards.

Two days later, he was finished with the Patriots. Amidst allegations of sexual assault made by his former trainer, the Pats cut Brown loose on Sept. 20th.

He hasn’t played in the NFL since.

A Football Odd Couple

The pairing of Brady and Brown would appear to be the gridiron version of the Odd Couple.

Brady is Felix Unger – cautious, careful, regimented, protective of his image. He follows a strict diet and an even stricter workout regimen. It’s why he’s still playing at a high level at the age of 42.

Brown is more along the lines of an angrier version of Oscar Madison. He’s a mess, and a loose cannon. Yes, he’s an outstanding receiver who’s twice led the NFL in receptions and receiving yardage, and once topped the league in TD catches.

He also unpacks more baggage than the luggage handlers at LaGuardia.

Bucs Don’t Need Brown

Tampa Bay is assuredly Brady’s next destination, and the Buccaneers are pretty much set at wide receiver.

Both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin went over 1,000 yards last season. Godwin finished third in the NFL in receiving yardage (1,333) and tied for third with 9 TD receptions. Evans was right behind him, catching eight scoring aerials.

Evans (6th – 17.3) and Godwin (13th – 15.5) were among the NFL’s top 15 in yards per catch.

In this scenario, it’s difficult to see any willingness on the part of the Buccaneers to put up with Brown’s shenanigans.

Not As Easy as AB, See

There’s an elephant in the room in this Brady-AB reunion scenario. Brown currently remains under NFL investigation.

The truth is that right now, no one knows when he’ll be able to play football again.

Brown was arrested as recently as Jan. 24 and charged with battery and felony burglary following an altercation with a delivery truck driver.

He’s turned contrite more recently, even posting on Instagram how much he’d love to be Brady’s teammate again.

Wishes, though, don’t always come true.

Pick: No (-200).

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