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After Most Recent Profanity-Filled Video, Odds Are Heavily Against Antonio Brown Coming Back to NFL

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Jan 15, 2020 · 6:48 AM PST

Antonio Brown holding football helmet.
Following a profanity-laced video he posted on his Instagram account, oddsmakers are giving -500 odds against Antonio Brown being on an NFL roster to start the 2020 season. Photo by: Xenith (Twitter).
  • Sportsbooks are offering a prop wager listing odds of -500 against Antonio Brown being on an NFL roster to start the 2020 season
  • Brown live-streamed a profanity-laced video on Instagram about the mother of his three children and Florida police
  • The former All-Pro wide receiver hasn’t played in the NFL since he was released by the New England Patriots on Sept. 20th

Is the NFL career of Antonio Brown finally down for the count? It would appear so.

The likelihood of Brown getting another chance with an NFL club was at best remote. But that was before he opted to live-stream a profanity-laced tirade directed toward the mother his three children and Florida police on his Instagram account on Monday.

Following the outburst, sportsbooks are offering a prop wager with odds of -500 favoring that Brown won’t be on a team’s roster to start the 2020 NFL season.

Odds Antonio Brown is on an NFL Roster in Week 1 of 2020

Outcome Odds
No -500
Yes +300

Odds taken Jan. 14th

The 31-year-old wide receiver, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, hasn’t played in the NFL since he was released by the New England Patriots on Sept. 20th

Brown Goes Ballistic

In the video, Brown is heard accusing his former girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss of trying to steal a Bentley that was parked in his driveway. Kyriss was at Brown’s home to pick up their three kids.

After police responded and were questioning Brown regarding the vehicle, his anger only escalated. He then launches into a profanity-laced tirade, directing his ire at the officers on the scene in front of his home.

On Tuesday, the Hollywood (Fla.) Police Department issued a statement that they would be cutting all ties with him.

He’d sponsored a seven-on-seven youth football league run by the department’s Police Athletic League and would work out on the PAL field.

The department returned Brown’s donation. It was their officers who’d been the target of his Monday tirade.

Just the Latest Episode

Brown’s steady decline from a wideout who twice led the NFL in receptions and receiving yardage into an unemployed football player is the epitome of downward spiral. Sadly, it’s also been mostly self-inflicted.

Acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers by the Oakland Raiders in the offseason, he didn’t play a game for Oakland. The Raiders released Brown shortly after a public altercation with GM Mike Mayock.

He lasted just 11 days and one game for the Patriots. New England opted to cut ties with Brown following two separate accusations of sexual misconduct made against him. Brown sent intimidating messages to one of his accusers.

At the time of his release by the Patriots, sportsbooks were offering -300 odds that he’d be on an NFL roster to start the 2020 season.

The NFL Is Done With Brown . . . For Now

Brown is completely toxic. Even Colin Kaepernick probably doesn’t think Brown will get another shot with an NFL team by the start of next season.

He’s already burned his bridges with the Raiders and Patriots, the two NFL teams best known for turning malcontents into reclamation projects.

There isn’t a team in the league that’s going to be willing to sign him. Well, not right away, anyway.

When the Patriots cut Brown, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton stated he’d no interest in giving him a look.

Later in the season, although they ultimately opted not to sign him, the Saints worked Brown out.

He won’t get offers leading into next season. But at some point during the campaign , a desperate NFL team, its receiving corps riddled by injury, will get in touch with Brown’s agent.

Pick: No (-500).

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