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Odds Say Antonio Brown Won’t Play Again in 2019, Won’t Be on a Roster Week 1 of 2020

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in NFL Football

Sep 20, 2019 · 6:07 PM PDT

Antonio Brown with Patriots
Sportsbooks are offering a pair of prop wagers that wide receiver Antonio Brown, released Friday by the New England Patriots, won't get another NFL job the rest of this season, or by the start of next season. Photo from @ComplexSports (Twitter).
  • The New England Patriots released wide receiver Antonio Brown on Friday
  • Books are offering a prop wager favoring that Brown won’t be back in the NFL this season
  • They also have a prop that gives odds against Brown being in the league to start next season

Down goes Antonio Brown. He will play no more forever.

Okay, maybe not forever. But the betting is that quite a bit of time will pass before Brown is required to find a football helmet that fits the way he likes it.

The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver was released Friday by the New England Patriots. Sportsbooks are laying odds that Brown won’t be back in the lineup of an NFL team for long while.

They’re out with a pair of prop wagers dealing with Brown’s future. They favor Brown not to join another NFL team for the remainder of the 2019 season. They also are giving odds against any NFL team suiting him up to start the 2020 campaign.

Will Antonio Brown Play Another Down Of Football During The 2019 NFL Season?

Outcome Odds
Yes +200
No -300

*Odds taken on 09/19/19.

Shortly after Brown was released by the Patriots, his agent Drew Rosenhaus issued a statement notifying all that his client was healthy and looking forward to his next opportunity to play in the NFL.

If that’s the case, then Brown should be looking far ahead. Well down the road.

Currently, it would appear that he is to NFL teams what kryptonite is to Superman.


The Seattle Seahawks kicked the tires on Brown’s interest in playing for them after he was released earlier this month by the Oakland Raiders.

This time, they won’t even entertain the notion.

Well, there’s always the XFL, right?

Brown has rapidly burned two bridges with NFL teams known for their history of taking risks on malcontents – the Oakland Raiders and the Patriots.

If he can’t make it there, he’s not likely going to be given the chance to make it anywhere else.

Pick: No (-300).

Well, Didn’t that Play Out Quickly?

Brown’s career with New England lasted 11 days and one game.

Anthony Scaramucci is dumbfounded by how quickly Brown lost his hold on such a prime job.

The Miami Dolphins, the only team that got to see Brown play as a Patriot, can’t believe what a hot mess he’s turned out to be.

Most figured Josh Gordon, not Brown, would be the problem child wideout dumped by the Pats.

Some NFL legends are stepping forward to offer advice to the talented but troubled receiver.

He’s even getting wisdom and legal advice delivered to him by former NFL star and paragon of ethical and moral societal behavior, the one and only OJ Simpson.

When it appears that you’re losing the high ground to The Juice, it’s clearly time to reassess the priorities in your life.

Will Antonio Brown Be On A Roster For Game 1 Of The 2020 NFL Season?

Outcome Odds
Yes +140
No -180

Nearly a year will have passed by the time the 2020 NFL season gets underway, and time tends to heal a lot of wounds. Even the gaping ones that originally looked to be fatal to a career.

It’ll hinge on Brown’s legal battles. He’s facing two allegations of sexual misconduct. How that plays out is going to play into his NFL future.

Of course, if the NFL doesn’t come calling, there’s always a fallback position for a guy who’s alleged of sexual misconduct, blows up multi-million deals and trash talks his co-workers on Twitter.

And there is a Presidential election in 2020, you know.

Pick: No (-180)

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