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You Can Bet on What Color Kyler Murray’s Suit Will be at NFL Draft

Kyler Murray
Will Kyler Murray make a splash at the NFL Draft with his suit choice? Odds have been released on what color the QB will wear. Photo By @AroundTheNFL(Twitter)
  • Kyler Murray won the Heisman Trophy in 2018
  • Murray is expected to be selected 1st overall by the Arizona Cardinals
  • Both the Arizona Cardinals and Oklahoma Sooners wear red and could lead to Murray paying homage to them on draft night

Kyler Murray is all flash and dash on the field but will he be at the NFL Draft?

In one of the more unique props you’ll find, MyBookie has released odds on what color suit the Oklahoma Sooners’ star will wear at the draft.

What Color Suit Will Kyler Murray Wear?

Kyler Murray Suit Color At The NFL Draft Odds at MyBookie
Black -400
Blue +200
Grey +250
White +300
Red +600
No Suit +1000

*Odds taken April 18, 2019

Here’s the thing. Guessing what color a player at the draft will wear can sometimes be like throwing a dart at the board. But in this case, there’s actually awesome value in one particular pick available on this list and here’s why.

Kyler Murray Keeps It Classy

When Murray won the Heisman Trophy he was in a classy black tuxedo and at a later event he wore a crisp dark grey suit. For as flashy as his game is on the field, he’s actually pretty reserved off it which makes a lot of sense.

When you’re trying to pitch yourself as the CEO of an NFL franchise, showing up in something wild and wacky doesn’t really jive with that message.

You can cross off white suit and no suit, those just aren’t realistic.

To me though, the value sits with Red Suit at +600. It’s trendy these days to wear the dark red and if Murray is heading to the Arizona Cardinals from the Oklahoma Sooners, it makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

The Final Verdict

I think it’s a three-suit race between Black, Grey or Red and I’m siding with the best value on the board with the third option on that list.

It’s a fun prop bet that can add a little excitement to draft night and that excitement rises when you take a pick lower on the board. Side with Red and hope he pays homage to his new club and his old one when he walks on stage to shake hands with Roger Goodell.

PICK: RED (+600)

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