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Printable 2019 NFL Playoffs Bracket – Who Will Win Super Bowl 53?

Preview of SBD's printable NFL Playoffs bracket
Make your picks for the entire 2019 NFL Playoffs right through to Super Bowl 53 with our printable bracket.
  • The 2019 NFL Playoffs begin with Wild Card Weekend on January 5th
  • Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
  • Download and print our NFL Playoffs bracket to make your picks right through to Super Bowl 53 on February 3rd

With the 2018 NFL regular season wrapped up, we now embark upon the 2019 NFL Playoffs, leading us to Super Bowl 53 on February 3rd.

The playoffs get underway Saturday, January 5th with the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Houston Texans.

Before we reach kickoff, allow us to provide you with the means necessary to take on your friends in the playoffs, showing them who the real football whiz is with our printable 2019 NFL Playoffs bracket.

Make Your NFL Playoffs Picks

Preview of SBD's NFL Playoffs Bracket


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Need Some Help with Your Picks?

If it’s just a little more information, or the betting odds, you seek, you can refer to any of our Wild Card Weekend Game Previews:

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And when filling out your bracket, be sure to remember that the NFL Playoffs do not work as a traditional bracket does. The winners from Wild Card Weekend do not just move through to the box next to them.

The Divisional Round sees the highest seed play the lowest seed in both the AFC and NFC.

For example, if the (#3 seed) Houston Texans were to beat the Indianapolis Colts in their Wild Card matchup, the Texans would not play the (#1 seed) Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round.

Houston would matchup against the (#2 seed) New England Patriots, as the winner of the (#5 seed) Chargers vs (#4 seed) Ravens would be the lowest seed moving through, and would therefore have to play the highest seed (Chiefs) in the next round.

If you have any questions, we’d love to help. And let us know in the comments section who you think will win Super Bowl 53!

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