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Projected Stats for Cody Kessler and Jaguars Offense in Week 13

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated Mar 27, 2020 · 6:08 AM PDT

Cody Kessler
Jags' backup QB Cody Kessler will replace starter Blake Bortles this Sunday, trying to snap the Jags' seven-game losing streak. Photo by Erik Drost (Wiki Commons) [CC License]
  • We’re eyeing the best bets for Cody Kessler’s start on Sunday
  • Can he jumpstart the dismal Jaguars offense?
  • Kessler is shorthanded with Fournette’s suspension upheld

It’s only taken a seven-game losing streak, a contract extension (that was ludicrous at the time of signing, and unreal now) hanging over them like a noose, and an offense so weak that calling it pop-gun would be wildly generous for the Jaguars to finally pull the plug on the Blake Bortles experiment.


Enter Cody Kessler. It’s not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue eliciting confidence. In eight career starts, he’s an opposite-of-sparkling-0-for-8.

Thankfully, Vegas is comfortable in highlighting tragedy.

Let’s find the best bets you can lay as Kessler leads the Jags in a home date with the surging Indianapolis Colts.

Cody Kessler / Jaguars Week 13 Props

Jaguars Total Net Yards Odds

Prop Odds
Over 345.5 yards -120
Under 345.5 yards -120

Jacksonville is right around that number as a regular season average (346.5), good for 22nd in the NFL. During this current skid, they’ve topped that mark once in the last six games, failing to crack 260 in three of those contests.

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The one game that they did in that span? A loss to these same Colts, where they went for 415 yards. Indianapolis, as a defense, surrenders just over 360 yards a game. Kessler’s had a week to command what appears to be a very vanilla offense. If he can make some throws that always seem to be there, this seems (gulp) attainable.

The pick: Over

Cody Kessler Total Completions Odds

Prop Odds
Over 21.5 completions -120
Under 21.5 completions -120

We’re talking a small sample size and much of the data (and all of the starter data) is from 2016. If you don’t think that’s too far back, consider that year Sam Bradford was still a starter – for the Vikings.

Kessler has completed 21 passes in a game four times in his career, including his only appearance this season in relief against the Texans. In his career, he’s had six games under 19 completions and four in single digits.

But Leonard Fournette’s upheld suspension for fighting and Carlos Hyde looking washed up means they are going to have to chuck it.

The pick: Over

Cody Kessler Total Interceptions Odds

Prop Odds
Over 0.5 interceptions -165
Under 0.5 interceptions +125

When a team is faltering as bad as Jacksonville is, minus their best player Fournette, putting the ball up with your backup who hasn’t started since 2016 is already a recipe for destruction. But hey, can it get any worse?

Throw in the fact that the Colts are in a logjam for 6th in interceptions (11), and I don’t care if Kessler only has four career picks. Dial another one up on Sunday.

The Pick: Over

Cody Kessler Total Passing Yards Odds

Prop Odds
Over 235.5 yards -120
Under 235.5 yards -120

Kessler has only surpassed this total twice in his career. The last time was September 25, 2016. His receivers have also been underwhelming this year. The trio of Dede Westbrook, Donte Moncrief, and Keelan Cole have a total of three 100-yard receiving games. I can see a bevy of checkdowns for minimal gains in Kessler’s future.

The Pick: Under


Jacksonville Jaguars Total Points Scored Odds

Prop Odds
Over 21.5 points -120
Under 21.5 points -120

Did you know the Jags have only scored over 21 points three times this year? And two of them were from Weeks 2 and 4, when they were 3-1? The only team they’ve topped 21 points against during this slide was … the Colts.

Does a new QB break that trend? Consider that Kessler has only pushed any offense he’s led to better than 21 points three times.

The Pick: Under

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Cody Kessler Total TD Passes Odds

Prop Odds
Over 1.5 TD passes +130
Under 1.5 TD passes -170

Maybe I should take it easy on the kid. I mean, this sample size of starts should be caveated that it was with the Browns in his rookie year, right? Regardless, Kessler has only tossed for two majors once in his 12 career appearances.

Bortles has only done it twice in 11 games. We’re going to find out soon if it was the QB, or the offense. (Or, if it’s this QB).

I say he gets one more in garbage time.

The pick: Over

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