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Props Released On Potential Disasters at NFL Draft’s Bellagio Fountain Stage

Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas
The 2020 NFL Draft will be held in front of the Bellagio hotel, on the fountains. Will anyone end up in the water? Photo by Hardscarf (Wikimedia).
  • The 2020 NFL Draft will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on The Strip
  • The Draft will be held on top of the Bellagio fountains in front of the iconic hotel
  • Joe Burrow is projected to be the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

The location for the 2020 NFL Draft has been announced as the league is bringing the show to Las Vegas.

In April of 2020, the league will hold its annual graduation of college players to the NFL in front of the iconic Bellagio Hotel, on the fountains themselves. Now sportsbooks are asking the obvious question: will anyone end up in the water?

Odds a First-Round Draft Pick Ends Up in the Water at the 2020 NFL Draft

Outcome Odds
No -400
Yes +250

Odds taken Jan. 21

NFL Comes To Vegas In Full Force

As you might recall, the NFL is already moving a franchise to Las Vegas this year as the Oakland Raiders are migrating to Sin City. While the stadium is still being built, the league will give locals a chance to whet their football appetite when the 2020 NFL Draft arrives in spring.

The league has announced that the stage for the draft will be the Bellagio with Tuesday’s plans being to host the draft on the lake in front of the hotel. Sections of The Strip will be closed down for parts of three days while a theater/viewing area will be set up.

In terms of the players, they’ll actually be shuttled to and from the stage by boat, which would be quite the spectacle. However, that’s just the red carpet area where the players will actually be transported. The main stage will be constructed next to the Caesars Forum.

Keep in mind that last year’s NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee had an outdoor stage that drew 600,000 people. That means The Strip will be jam-packed from April 23rd-25th this coming year’s draft.

Odds Roger Goodell Ends Up in the Water at the 2020 NFL Draft

Outcome Odds
No -10000
Yes +1400

Odds taken Jan. 21

Will Anyone End Up In The Water?

One of the cool features of the draft is that players dress up in all types of styles in order to make a splash. Will anyone decide to make a splash in a different way come April?

On one hand, you might handicap this prop and think ‘will someone fall in?’. That’s a possibility as there will be boats and water and essentially a floating stage. Maybe things get crowded and stumbles in. Another way to look at this prop is to ask if anyone will purposely jump in, which seems more likely.

While I think the latter reasoning is more likely than the former, I don’t think any player ends up in the water overall. These are new players who are just entering the league and causing a scene like jumping into a lake might come across attention-seeking.

Maybe there’s some kind of scripted, “let’s all jump in together” type of situation but even that seems unlikely. Las Vegas and the Bellagio are very careful not to encourage people trespassing or jumping into the legendary fountains and this type of behavior might encourage it.

Beyond that, it would be a really bad look for the commission Roger Goodell – the head of the league to dive in too. I wouldn’t bank on any of the players or commissioner Roger Goodell jumping into the water.

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