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Take on SBD’s Experts in Their Printable Super Bowl 53 Props Sheet

Will Sean McVay unleash Todd Gurley in Super Bowl 53? See how SBD's experts believe Super Bowl Sunday will play out. (Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire)

A Super Bowl party without a props sheet is no Super Bowl party. The printable props sheet for everyone to play along has become as much a staple of Super Bowl Sunday as chicken wings and beer.

(Please tell me you have chicken wings and beer …)

And there’s nothing better than hearing your name called at the end of the night after all the props sheets have been scored, and handed that sweet prize pot – or maybe it’s just bragging rights.

So if you’d like some help in filling it SBD’s Printable Super Bowl 53 Props Sheet (click that link if you don’t have yours yet), or if you’d like to test your hand against two of our NFL betting experts, check out the two completed sheets below.

Matt’s Completed Hardcore Super Bowl Props Sheet

>> See Completed Hardcore Super Bowl Props Sheet <<

This one here is courtesy of yours truly.

I foresee Super Bowl 53 getting off to a bit of a slow start. The Patriots are notoriously slow starters in the Super Bowl, having scored just three points in the first quarters of their previous eight appearances.

The Rams averaged 6.6 points in the first quarter during the 2018 regular season, the second-most in the NFL. But this is a very young team who I believe will suffer from a case of the jitters early on.

New England takes an early lead, but then Sean McVay really lets loose with his play-calling in the second half, allowing the Rams to eventually be Super Bowl champions.

Bob Duff’s Completed Casual Super Bowl Props Sheet

Snippet of completed casual Super Bowl props sheet

>> See Completed Casual Super Bowl Props Sheet <<

Our props sheet for the more “casual” football fan was completed by Bob Duff.

Looking to only the eight questions that appear on both props sheets, we only differ on whether there will be a missed extra-point or field goal and who will win the game. Bob has YES and NE as his answers there.

So it seems Bob and I have a similar feel on how the first half will go. He doesn’t see it turning around for the Rams in the second half, though.

But we both have the National Anthem performance going OVER, the coin toss coming up HEADS, NE scoring first, NE leading at halftime, ONE MORE NIGHT being Maroon 5’s opening song of the Halftime Show, and YELLOW/GREEN being the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach.

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