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The ATS Checkdown: Week 10 Picks Against the Spread

While Matt is calling shenanigans on his Week 9 Texans pick, which was made pre-Deshaun Watson torn ACL, Sascha is accepting his sub-500 record from a week ago and focusing strictly on the games that lie ahead in Week 10 of the 2017 NFL season. Oh and Pepperoni, our game-picking puppy, went 2-0 … again. He’s now an impressive 5-1 ATS on the season, and is starting to demand one extra treat per pick. Will the fellas give into the pooch’s demands? Find out below, on the ATS Checkdown! [cue sweet music]

Look, there is no way I should wear the Texans’ loss to the Colts on my record! No sane individual would lay 13 points with a Tom Savage-led offense. As a compromise, I’ll take the loss on my season total, but there’s no way it’s counting as a blown lock of the week. No chance.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, allow me to preview the podcast a little. Sascha and I both suffered in Week 9, but have called upon the inspirational words of Jameis Winston and Cam Newton to get us fired up for our Week 10 picks against the spread. Before we make those picks, we throw some flags and honor some unsung heroes in the NFL from a week ago, as well as debate which roster we would rather have right now: the Cleveland Browns or San Francisco 49ers? (You know Pepperoni is taking the Dawgs.)

If you’re only here for my adorable dog, not to worry, SportsBettingDime.com has agreed to give into his demands for more treats . So Pepperoni is back to expand upon his great 5-1 start.

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