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The ATS Checkdown: Week 14 Expert Picks Against the Spread

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Sascha remained hot in Week 13, posting another 6-3 record against the spread, while Matt dipped below .500 for the first time since Week 9. The main attraction, Pepperoni (our game-picking puppy) went 1-1, moving his record to 9-5 for the season.

Can somebody get me a drink of water? It’s getting awfully toasty sitting here next to my co-host Sascha right now, who is a scorching 17-9 against the spread over the last three weeks. He’s clearly carrying the show’s credibility. So what do I contribute, you ask? Well, other than some slightly-above-.500 picks, I’ve got some pretty fiery rants regarding the one-game suspension the NFL served Rob Gronkowski. I’ll also try to teach you what a Galilean Transformation is and why it concerns us football fans, specifically those invested in the Seahawks clash with the Eagles this past Sunday night.

If that’s not enough to justify my presence, I also expertly cue Sascha to provide his expert picks for Week 14 (and give a handful of picks myself, expert or otherwise). As always, between Sascha, me, and our puppy, we analyze and pick every Week 14 game against the spread.┬áThis week, Pepperoni will be tackling the Buccaneers vs Lions and Bills vs Colts. Like a true gentlepuppy, he has forgiven all those who doubted him after his ruff Week 12. But he warns that he may not be so merciful in the future. (How cute …)

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After receiving a bachelor's degree in communications, Matt spent two years with Rogers TV as a host, producer, and play-by-play commentator. He has been with us since 2016 and serves as SBD's editor-in-chief and sports betting expert.