The ATS Checkdown: Week 3

The 2017 season hasn’t been kind to the guys from the ATS Checkdown thus far. They are certainly feeling the heat of a slow start (see below), but see Week 3 as their opportunity to strike.

Week 2 in the NFL was rough on the guys from the ATS Checkdown, so we turned up the heat on them.

Posted by SBD on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

After getting burned in Week 2, Sascha and I are facing third-and-long in Week 3. But we’re not the only ones heading into the week 0-2, and we’re certainly not ready to panic yet. Unlike the hapless New York Jets, the ATS Checkdown is a team you can count on to make the necessary adjustments to turn the 2017 season around.

What are those necessary adjustments? Bringing in the luck of the Irish is our starting point.

If you don’t want to cash-in on all of our picks, here are our three ATS Locks for Week 3.

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