The ATS Checkdown: Week 5

Sascha decided to join Matt in picking winners in Week 4, both sporting an inspiring 5-3 record ATS. Not having to deal with any culinary punishments ahead of Week 5, the two have never seen the game more clearly. 

For all of those who were only here for the punishment videos, we’re sorry to disappoint. For those who stuck with us throughout our early season struggles, we thank you. And for those who showed up in Week 4 and cashed-in on our picks, you’re welcome.

But we’re not starting the parade yet — just a few light cheers — because there’s still plenty of games to be picked this season. With that being said, we have passed the unofficial quarter-mark of the 2017 NFL season and wanted to take some time to reflect on the events that have surprised us the most. Not to worry, though, it doesn’t take us too long to get to our ATS picks for every game on the Week 5 slate.

As always, if you only want the picks we are most confident in, you can find them in our Week 5 ATS Locks. But for a more thorough analysis of all 14 games, go on and have a listen.

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There are many things our Brand and Content Manager credits to sports: knowing his multiples of seven, his love for chicken wings, and his unceasing will to win. It didn't take many Sundays on the couch for the passion and competitiveness to blossom. Before landing at SBD, Matt was hosting and producing a sports show on local TV.