The ATS Checkdown: Week 9 Picks Against the Spread

Sascha has posted an 11-5 record against the spread over the last two weeks (6-2 in Week 8), and apparently believes he deserves some sort of royal intro to the show now. Meanwhile, Matt stayed afloat with a 4-4 record, but his pooch (Pepperoni) continues to sniff out winners, going 2-0 last week (3-1 on the season).

Yeah … my dog is picking winners more accurately than me, which is apparently enough to become a regular on the ATS Checkdown. Before you scream “exploitation,” know he is being compensated fairly for his work — generally three to four treats per day.┬áIn search of winning picks, I too have begun consuming these puppy treats. (No, there isn’t a video.)

Before Sascha and I (and Pepperoni) dive into the 13 games that Week 9 has in store, we break down the insanity that was the 2017 NFL trade deadline, offering our winners from all the deals. (Pepperoni is siding with the “cats”.)

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There are many things our Brand and Content Manager credits to sports: knowing his multiples of seven, his love for chicken wings, and his unceasing will to win. It didn't take many Sundays on the couch for the passion and competitiveness to blossom. Before landing at SBD, Matt was hosting and producing a sports show on local TV.