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The “Oddcast” Podcast: Episode 16, Wild Card Weekend Picks

The first Oddcast of 2016 has landed! After a long break, Sascha and Eric are refreshed, and hopefully better at picking games. But first, the two run over some of their favorite stories of the past three weeks including the axing of Chip Kelly, everyone’s favorite backup quarterback, Ryan Mallett, playing spoiler, and the Carolina Panthers (just generally).

All that before the guys make their first picks against the spread of the New Year, churning through each game from what should be another fantastic Wild Card weekend. Will Kansas City trump the Texans again? Will the Seahawks get pneumonia in Minnesota? Can Sascha’s Bengals reverse their yearly trend of losing a Wild Card game? (I think we know the answer to that.)

So listen in for some football talk, as well as a new intro song! (There is just so much good unlicensed music out there, why limit yourself to just one song?)



And while the guys say they don’t even remember who they picked in Week 15, if you want to call them out on their probably terrible picks, listen to that episode here.

(Photo Credit: Brook Ward (Originally posted to Flickr. Photo may appear cropped.)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/].)

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