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Updated Odds for NFC Teams to Make the NFL Playoffs

Eric Rosales

by Eric Rosales in NFL Football

Updated May 14, 2020 · 3:33 PM PDT

Jared Goff passes downfield
The Rams and Jared Goff have been the runaway best team in the NFC through 4 games. Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire
  • The Rams are runaway favorites to make the playoffs
  • The surprising Bears are listed in the top six in the conference
  • We’ve identified the value picks in the NFC

Get a load of these Los Angeles Rams.

Just two seasons ago, first overall pick Jared Goff looked like the next Ryan Leaf, Todd Gurley was trending downward after an impact rookie season, and the team averaged a paltry 14 points a game.

Now? The Rams are destroying teams, crumpling them up like paper and tossing them in the basket.

It’s no surprise then, that Los Angeles is a favorite to make the playoffs in the NFC. But this? This is the Webster’s Dictionary definition of head and shoulders above the field.

Odds to Make the NFL Playoffs in the NFC

Team Odds to Make Odds to Miss
Los Angeles Rams -3500 +900
New Orleans Saints -200 +150
Chicago Bears -175 +135
Philadelphia Eagles -135 -105
Carolina Panthers -130 -110
Green Bay Packers -105 -135
Dallas Cowboys +150 -200
Minnesota Vikings +170 -250
Washington Redskins +175 -260
Seattle Seahawks +225 -350
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +250 -400
Atlanta Falcons +275 -450
Detroit Lions +450 -850
New York Giants +600 -1200
San Francisco 49ers +600 -1200
Arizona Cardinals +2000 -10000

Are the Rams a Playoff Lock?

You can permanent marker this one in right now: barring a major injury to Goff or Gurley, this team is making the playoffs, and the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC is through the City of Angels.

The Rams are averaging 35 points a game and they’re doing it without really breaking a sweat. Whether they’re whipping the lowly Cardinals or laying waste to an NFC conference favorite like Minnesota, they march down the field like clockwork.

Perhaps we should add another can’t-lose to that list. Head coach Sean McVay’s brilliance as the offensive mind behind this juggernaut can’t be overstated. He loves to find the matchups that favor his stars and then let the fireworks go.

If you’re into sure things, don’t overthink this.

Are the Bears for Real?

Let’s not get crazy. Mitch Trubisky ripped apart the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not the ’85 Bears. But man, it appears that Chicago might only need a heady version of that guy, because this defense is truly the real deal.

And they’re led by the most ferocious defender in the NFL right now, bar none.

Khalil Mack has helped the Bears lead the league in sacks with 18 through the first four games of the year, and better yet, the Bears are the lowest rated team in blitzing the quarterback, sending more than four just 12.7% of the time. To put that into context, the Browns currently lead the NFL at 42.9%.

YouTube video

To start the year, you’d be crazy to think the Bears would be in position to snag a playoff spot in a division with both the Vikings and the Packers. Minus an Aaron Rodgers comeback for the ages in Week 1, this team could be 4-0.

How Can the Cowboys Be this High?

I admittedly had to do a double-take when the Cowboys were given the seventh best odds to make the playoffs, ahead of both the Vikings (+170) and Washington (+175).

A win over the Lions could be the cause for recency bias, especially because Zeke Elliott was able to have himself a day, reminding people that he is arguably the premier back in the NFL.

As well, Dak Prescott’s performance reminded people that at one point he was considered on the path to the A-list of premier pivots. At least he’s shaken himself from a horrendous comparison with Brock Ossweiler for a week. The only category you want to be listed with Ossweiler is when you’re talking guaranteed money on a second contract.

This is a good time to remind you that, despite a total whitewash at home to the Bills (!!) and getting folded by the Rams, the Vikings are still really talented. They are good value right now to make the postseason with the Bears in the North, especially considering Rodgers is working on one leg.

And hey, if good QB play is enough to get you into the playoffs, maybe we should be looking at what’s been happening in the Nation’s capital.

Thanks, Cowboys, for helping us unearth some value.

Don’t Count Out the Falcons Just Yet

I don’t actually know the proper words to describe just how bad the Falcons’ defense is. Calling them a dumpster fire would be an insult to dumpster fires. Can we go with abomination?

The crazy thing is, this offense is probably the most explosive one in the NFL behind the Rams and Chiefs. Alas, it’s hard when your defense makes your opponent look like the Rams and Chiefs.

Teams that average 29 points a game and over 400 yards of offense (6th and 7th respectively in the NFL) aren’t usually 1-3 and teetering on the edge of the playoff bridge already, so there could be a turnaround coming. At +275, they are the best value pick of the bunch.

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