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BetOnline Has Coyotes’ 2020 Point Total at 85.5, Five Points Lower than BookMaker (90.5)

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson
BookMaker.eu puts the Arizona Coyotes' 2019-20 regular-season point total at 90.5, five points higher than BetOnline. Photo by 5of7 (flikr.com) [CC License].
  • BookMaker.eu sets the Arizona Coyotes’ regular-season point total at 90.5
  • BetOnline has it at 85.5
  • It’s a wonderful opportunity to middle the two bets

BookMaker.eu is anticipating that the Arizona Coyotes will howl this season. The sportsbook set the team’s 2020 regular-season point total at 90.5, which is 4.5 more than they finished with last year.

BetOnline was initially thinking along the same lines, but have since dropped Arizona’s total to 85.5.

2019-20 Arizona Coyotes NHL Regular-Season Point Total

Over/Under Coyotes Point Total at BookMaker.eu Coyotes Point Total at BetOnline*
Over 90.5 (-110) 85.5 (-115)
Under 90.5 (-110) 85.5 (-115)

*All odds taken 8/7/19.

It’s rare to see such discrepancy between sportsbooks, and it presents a great opportunity for bettors to middle the wagers between the two sportsbooks.

Simply play a unit on the Coyotes at BetOnline to go over 85.5 points. Then wager another unit at BookMaker.eu opting for the Coyotes to finish under the 90.5-point total. If Arizona ends the season between 86-90 points, you’ll cash on both tickets. If they don’t, you will lose the juice (in this case, about 0.1 of a unit).

Winning In The Middle

Let’s take a closer look at the math using actual numbers. Suppose you opt to middle this wager with a bet of $100 on each option at both sportsbooks. Playing the over 85.5 points odds at BetOnline gets you odds of -115. On a $100 wager that works out to a profit of $87.

Over at BookMaker.eu, they’ll give you -105 odds on under 90.5 points. At a $100 stake, that will earn you a profit of $95.20. Combined, the two successful wagers would garner you a $182.20 net win.

If you only win the over bet at BetOnline, you will wind up losing $4.80 in total. If you only win the under bet at BookMaker, you will wind up down $13. It’s a small risk for a potentially big payday.

Coyotes Ugly

Every offseason, at least lately, there’s a school of thought among hockey people that this is the year that Arizona will make its move into a playoff position. The Coyotes haven’t participated in postseason play since the 2012 season.

Arizona Coyotes Recent NHL Regular-Season Point Totals & Rankings

Season Points Pacific Division Western Conference
2018-19 86 4th 9th
2017-18 70 8th 15th
2016-17 70 6th 12th
2015-16 78 4th 10th
2014-15 56 7th 14th

That was also the last occasion in which the team garnered more than 86 points during a single season. In fact, other than a three-season run from 2009-10 through 2011-12, the Coyotes have gone under 90 points in 13 of the past 16 campaigns.

Two seasons ago, a 1-12-1 start buried them. Last season’s hopes were scuttled by a rash of injuries. Arizona finished ninth overall in the Western Conference with 86 points. That was a 16-point uptick from 2017-18 and the best season posted by the club since an 89-point output in 2013-14.

Phil-ing the Void?

Arizona’s most significant offseason move was to add six-time 30-goal scorer Phil Kessel from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk. The Coyotes were tied for third-last in the NHL in goals scored last season with 209. They didn’t boast a single 20-goal scorer; Brad Richardson and Galchenyuk shared the team lead, each with 19 goals.

Kessel has recorded 11 successive 20-goal campaigns and averaged nearly 28 per year during his 13 seasons. But Kessel thrived in Pittsburgh because he wasn’t the go-to guy. He shies from the spotlight, and it will shine on him brightly in Arizona. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Like Wile E. Coyote, their cartoon alter-ego, this team is always perpetuating hope that, this time, the outcome will be different. But deep down, everyone knows they’re doomed to failure. That’s why middling these bets will prove a rewarding experience.

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