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The Totems? Odds on the Team Name of Seattle’s NHL Franchise

Bryan Thiel

by Bryan Thiel in NHL Hockey

Oct 5, 2018 · 1:24 AM PDT

Seattle sky line
What will Seattle name its NHL franchise? Photo by Jerry Meaden (Flickr).
  • With the news that the NHL will likely be expanding to Seattle, it’s time to suggest names for the team
  • The Seattle Times is running a reader pole, where ‘Sockeyes’ and ‘Totems’ are duking it out in the final
  • ‘Totems’ is at even odds; ‘Sockeyes’ is at +600

While it isn’t official, we’re as close to it as we’re going to get: the NHL is coming to Seattle.

The question of when is yet to be answered, but there’s plenty we can bet in the meantime.

Like team names.

Wait…there are odds on what Seattle is going to call their franchise?

As Bob Cole would say… Oh baby, for sure!

Odds on the Team Name for Seattle’s NHL Franchise

Potential Team Name Odds
Totems +100
Emeralds +450
Rainiers +550
Sockeyes +600
Kraken +750

Totems heavy favorites

If we’re going to leave the naming rights up to the Seattle Times, then the Seattle Totems will be the NHL’s newest franchise.

I mean, it’s a cool name with historical significance and all, but it’s kind of boring.

So is the ‘Sockeyes’. That’s the opposition in this pole. I mean salmon is a strong fish and everything, but come on. A fish?

Even online sports betting sites don’t really like it. It’s got the fourth-best odds at +600. And think of the color the jerseys would need to be! It’s not right. Don’t do it.

Seattle team names to keep an eye on

To be clear, the 13 names are all names Sports Illustrated reported that the group behind Seattle’s push were considering. There’s no going off board here.

The Emeralds are a nice play at +450. There’s not enough green in the NHL. The ‘Rainiers’ make no sense. That’s a National Park. Even if you drop an ‘I’ out of it, you can’t realistically call this team the Rainers. What’s your logo? Water?

Also, ‘Rainiers’ is taken by a minor league baseball team. That’s a bad look, NHL.

The ‘Kraken’ (+750) offer you an insane marketing opportunity, although if you do that no one will remember your first season. Still good odds though.

Sea Lions and Seals are nice at +2500 but please, how do you make that imposing? There is NOTHING scary about either of those things. It’s great for kids that like Sea World, but can you imagine your Stanley Cup champions being the Seattle SEA LIONS?

And don’t even try ‘Whales’ (+2500). First of all, the Vancouver Canucks, for reasons I don’t understand, have already stolen your mascot. And that idea/logo is reserved for when the Hartford Whalers come back.

You have no right.

So what will Seattle’s NHL team be called?

Unfortunately I may have to accept the fact the people have spoken and like the ‘Seattle Totems’.

But they’re at even odds, and that’s no fun. If you want something that’ll make you money. Hit up the Emeralds at +450.

Me? I’m just sitting here thinking they missed the most obvious (and best) option.

The Seattle Grunge.

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