Odds Joe “Tiger King” Exotic Is Pardoned by Trump Set at +575

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Will former exotic animal owner Joe Exotic (aka the 'Tiger King') be pardoned for his crimes by Donald Trump? Photo by BarstoolSports (Twitter).
  • Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness docuseries is now the most popular show on television
  • The Tiger King, Joe Exotic, has been sentenced to 22 years in jail and many people feel that punishment is too harsh
  • A Presidential pardon would be ideal for Joe Exotic but a commutation is likely his best bet

The wildly-gripping Netflix docuseries Tiger King has become the most popular show in the United States. The main protagonist from the series, Joe Exotic, has been put in jail for crimes he committed (or did he?), but with the popularity of the series and the questions raised from the show, is it possible he earns a Presidential pardon?

Joe Exotic Tiger King Pardon Odds

Will Joe “Tiger King” Exotic Receive A Presidential Pardon By January 20, 2021? Odds
Yes +575
No -1100

Odds taken March 30.

Was the Tiger King Set Up?

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s at this point that we’ll put in our spoiler warning: reading ahead will disclose some of the show’s details.

Now if you’ve watched the show, you know that Joe Exotic has now been sentenced to 22 years in jail. Many viewers probably feel that while he does have some culpability in this situation, he may have gotten screwed a little bit. He probably should have some time for his crimes but 22 years might be harsh.

The reality, though, is the Joe Exotic did commit some crimes. Whether it’s selling cubs, animal abuse or murder-for-hire, he did break the law. The murder-for-hire charge is the one that is costing him the most time and while he may have been set up, he did talk about killing Carole Baskin on many occasions.

Sure, it’s possible that he got all the way to the edge of the cliff and was never actually going to kill anyone, and that Jeff Lowe set him up, but he had a fair trial and all of the evidence showed that he committed crimes. It will be tough for any of that to be overturned to free him. His best bet is a commuted sentence.

Trump Has More Important Things to Do

Although it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Tiger King Joe Exotic was a Trump supporter (he definitely loves his guns and likely votes for anyone who supports gun rights), it’s unlikely that Trump will be thinking about clemency for him at this point.

To start, the President has much bigger concerns on his mind than these types of pardons. Trump is focused on the coronavirus right now and then after that is through, he’ll be lasered in on his competitor for the 2020 presidency, which is likely to be Joe Biden. I wouldn’t expect him to be paying much attention to this series.

What’s the Best Bet?

I’d pass on Trump pardoning Joe Exotic. Not only is a stretch to begin with, Trump has already pardoned or commuted the sentence of many others who have been jailed for the wrong reasons. The possible but unlikely public relations boost he’d get here would be negligible and there are probably people more deserving of a pardon.

Beyond that, the Tiger King has a tough case to be made for a full pardon. A commuted sentence? Maybe but that’s not an option on the board. With that in mind, I wouldn’t bet on Joe Exotic receiving a presidential pardon.

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