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Odds on Next Member of Trump Admin to Be Fired/Resign: Robert Wilkie Favored

Robert Wilkie watching Donald Trump sign a bill.
Books list acting United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie as the +200 favorite to be the next member of US President Donald Trump's cabinet to be fired. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian) [CC License].
  • Books list Robert Wilkie as the +200 favorite to be the next member of US President Donald Trump’s cabinet to be fired
  • Wilkie is the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs 
  • Six members of the Trump Administration have already been fired. Another 32 tendered their resignations

You’re fired.

Those words made Donald Trump a celebrity on the Apprentice.

They’ve made him the US President with the highest turnover rate within his administration since he moved into the White House in January of 2017.

National Security Advisor John Bolton was the sixth to be officially classified as fired. He was let go last week. Another 32 tendered their resignations. It was apparent in many instances that those resigning were being forced into the decision.

That’s the question sportsbooks are posing. They’re offering a prop wager that covers which member of the Trump Administration will be the next to suffer a firing or resignation.

Odds On Next Member Of Trump Administration To Resign Or Be Fired

Candidate Odds
Robert Wilkie +200
Rick Perry +400
David Bernhardt +500
Steven Mnuchin +500
Andrew Wheeler +600
Mark Esper +800
Mike Pompeo +1000
Elaine Chao +1000

*Odds taken on 09/17/19.

Robert Wilkie, the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, is listed as the +200 favorite.

You’re Fired

Trump treats his administration the way George Steinbrenner used to handle pitching coaches when he owned the New York Yankees. None of them tend to stay around for long.

His first year saw 34 personnel changes at the White House. Compare that total to other recent Presidents. During Ronald Reagan’s first year as President, the were 17 departures. That was the highest total since 1980. Then Trump came along and doubled it.

Those working inside the White House express concern. They insist Trump gets rid of people on a whim. It’s done in the same glib manner in which he determines whether he’ll go for the Baconator or the bucket of KFC as his lunch choice.

Trump is surrounding himself with people willing to praise him. He doesn’t see any benefit to a dissenting viewpoint.

Why Wilkie?

Wilkie was confirmed by the Senate as Veteran Affairs Secretary on July 30th, 2018. Since then, five of 15 Cabinet Secretaries have been replaced.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor at 86-9. Some Senators were clearly voting with the conscience. For the first time, ever,  the position would be filled without unanimous approval.

Those Senators voting against Wilkie were expressing over his advocacy in favor of the Confederate flag. There was also worry regarding his opinions on equality issues, and about Trump’s military transgender policies.

Recently, further investigations are surfacing. There’s evidence of the VA putting pressure on whistleblower organizations. Wilkie’s office allegedly is wanting to punish those who are exposing wrongdoing in the VA.

Chao Also In Trouble

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is suddenly on the hot seat. The House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation into her dealings. They are probing whether she’s using her office to the benefit of herself and her family.

Chao is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. She’s accused  of taking actions in her position that are beneficial to  the shipping company owned by her father and sisters.

Pompeo Is The Smart Money

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists he’ll stay on the job as long as Trump wants him around. Yet there’s a lingering rumor that he plans to run for the Senate in his home state of Kansas.

There is questioning about it. But Pompeo answers cautiously. It’s an interesting response. Could these selective words be indicating there’s fuel to this speculation?

Pompeo has options. When you’re in the Trump Administration, those are good to have.

Pick: Mike Pompeo (+1000).

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